Perfect World Mobile: A Sequel Of The PC Version For Mobile Devices

By Intan Mawarni on Aug 8, 2018

If you’re an avid fan of MMORPG, you might have heard this game called Perfect World when it was in its prime a decade ago. Now, Perfect World will continue to live the wuxia world in another platform. Perfect World Mobile is set to be a sequel for the PC MMORPG as the original developer, Perfect World Games will return to build the mobile game and will be published by Tencent Games.

Although it was initially announced back in April this year, the full reveal trailer of Perfect World Mobile was released during ChinaJoy 2018. The mobile game is said to be a “next generation 3D aerial combat mobile game”, albeit the lack of gameplay shown in the CG trailer as you can watch below:

An attendee from ChinaJoy 2018 recorded and shared the Perfect World Mobile gameplay video, courtesy of Siliconera. The gameplay and its controls looks similar to other popular IPs turned into mobile games such as Dragon Nest M and Ragnarok Mobile, in which all of them are under Tencent Games’ belt.

A couple of new features are added for modern mobile version, which is the ability to share your character’s appearance instantly on social media and allow other players to copy your appearance in the game.

True to its PC original source, Perfect World Mobile also includes a wide range of costumes and character customisations. So far, 4 playable characters have been announced such as Human Wizard, Untamed Barbarian, Male Winged Elves Archer, and Female Winged Elves Cleric. There are bound to be more races and classes to be included before the official launch. Take a look at playable characters and character customisation below.

Perfect World Mobile is currently under development on Android and iOS. However, there is no confirmation for an official release date and localisation for other countries.

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