Monster Hunter World X ALOOK collaborate for Monster Hunter themed glasses!

By Michelle J. Brohier on Jul 27, 2018

Japan has always found a way to combine your inner fan with items that you can use or wear on a daily basis. This time, Monster Hunter fans will have something to "look" forward to with the collaboration of Monster Hunter World and ALOOK, a Japanese eyewear store!

Designed by art director Kaname Fujioka who has done work on a number of Monster Hunter titles, each of these glasses are specially designed based on six popular monsters from the Monster Hunter Series.

Nergigante (Monster Hunter World)

The side metal parts express the myriad of thorns that can grow from the Nergigante's whole body, making it a cool and masculine design.

Kushala Daora (Monster Hunter 2)

The Kushala Daora is known as the steel dragon, with a hard metal outer shell that covers the whole body. These glasses express this with the frame from front to the sides textured like scales, signifying the Kushala Daora's strong nature.

Teostra (Monster Hunter 2)

The Teostra's fire and deep red colour is brought forward in this design, and the lines along the glasses are there to express a burning flame that gradients from red to yellow.

Vaal Hazak (Monster Hunter World)

The deisgn for the Vaal Hazak glasses is based on the appearance of the monster's spread wings, signifying threat and intimidation. The glasses has a reddish purple colour, with a dash of silver around the temples.

Kirin (Monster Hunter)

The Kirin glasses has a metallic type finish coupled with a sharp and neat form, aiming to encapsulate the Kirin's beatiful figure shining in silver. The sides of the glasses are meant to express speed, running sharply.

Zorah Magdaros (Monster Hunter World)

The Zorah Magdaros is an old dragon that has an outer shell reminiscent of a volcano rising over the earth. These glasses express that, with the black representing the lava and the rugged cutting to represent the rugged outer shell.

The bad news is that these glasses are only available in Japan. But if you have contacts that can help you get these limited edition frames, pre-order will be open on 28 July 2018! According to the main website, for the frames, 1.55 thin lens, plus the original case and wipe cloth will cost ¥ 12,960 (RM475) inclusive of tax.

Are you going to find a way to get your hands on these limited edition glasses? Some of us are looking into it too! If you know the best way, let us know in the comments or even on Facebook or Twitter!

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