Contra Mobile Game Revealed by Garena!

By Jasmin on Jul 14, 2018

UPDATE: Contra: Return is now open for pre-registration. You can find do so at their website, or find out more at their official Facebook page!

On top of showcasing their well-established mobile games Free Fire: Royal Rush and Arena of Valor at the SEA Major 2018, Garena has finally unveiled their latest mobile game: Contra: Return! This classic 30-year old game has gotten a 3D make-over and Contra: Return stays true to their side-scrolling shooter roots.

Co-developed by Konami and Tencent Group's Timi Studios, this reboot of the classic game has added some modern touches with a number of new game modes: Multiplayer, Duo, One Life Survival and PvP. Contra: Return's PvP mode adds a classic Tencent competitive touch to the game as players can enter into 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or even Ranked Competitions! There will be a dedicated server for the South East Asian region released really soon.

I got to try out the game at Battle Arena during the SEA Major and I must say that even though the demo isn't a finished product (as the signs liked to remind me eventhough it was released in China last year), it looks really good and it really does stay true to its roots. The graphics are modernized but Bill and Lance still look like Bill and Lance. You've also got a pet to accompany you in pwning enemies! That was cool too.

The PvP mode plays a bit like Smash Bros: there is a battlefield and you have to shoot your opponent's 3 characters down to win. There is a levelling up system within the match and you can gain the upper hand by grabbing the EXP bonus or by killing the monsters on the field. There is a 'big boss' at the center of the map which will give you a buff upon killing.

There will also be 20 different playable characters for you to choose from and each character is customisable with a wide-range of skins to choose from! Weapons can be collected as you play and can be upgraded and enhanced to your liking.

Here are some extra details regarding system requirements (because it matters!)

RAM Requirement 2GB and above
Android Version 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and above
Model Requirement iPhone 5S and above
iOS Version iOS 8.0 and above

Are you looking forward to playing Contra: Return? What do you think about this classic title coming to mobile? Let us know down in the comments what you thought, and don’t forget to follow us over on our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for more gaming related goodness!


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