Code Vein Satiates Bloodborne Fans’ Thirst For Brutal RPGs

By Yue Lynn on Jun 14, 2018

Brought to you by the same company behind Dark Souls: Remastered and the upcoming God Eater 3, here comes a new sleek and slashy game in the form of Code Vein. Bandai Namco sure knows how to satiate gamers’ bloodlust for more sadistic RPGs as this title could be described as an anime-inspired Soulsborne game.

 While Dark Souls and Bloodborne were set during the ‘old times’, Code Vein is set in the future where vampiric beings called Revenants possess a special Gift in exchange for their memories and thirst of blood. As a Revenant, players embark on a journey to recover back their past while trying to escape their ongoing “living nightmare”. Like any RPGs, players will need to defeat plenty of enemies and bosses in cool stylish ways. Here’s what we know so far about Code Vein and what you can expect from it!

Customisable Options

In Code Vein, you can choose to play as a lady or a gent and you can customise your character’s looks and weapons. You will have a few Blood Codes (classes) to choose from and each Code has its own set of special Gifts (unique spells that can buff oneself and assist in offensive means etc.) to equip. These Gifts can be mixed and matched with other characters so it’s something one should pay close attention to. As one progress further into the game, more Gifts will be available to be unlocked. Throughout the game, you can switch your character, companions (more on this later) and weapons at your whim and fancy so this kind of flexibility is something you should take clever advantage of.

Blood, blood and more blood!

For those who are intimately familiar with Bloodborne, getting drenched in the blood of foes is a common occurrence, and words like Blood Echoes, Paleblood, Vileblood, Blood Vial and other bloody things are the main defining staples of the game. Basically, blood really takes up a lot of screen time.  


Currently, Bandai Namco had unveiled four videos depicting the powerful and menacing Blood Veil weapons (Ogre, Stinger, Hounds and Ivy) so do expect bucket loads of blood and gore to be spilled on a regular basis.

Cool Bosses

The Soulsborne games were known for bosses with high aesthetic (and oftentimes grotesque) value and hair-tearing levels of difficulty. It seems Code Vein may be following that route, though featuring a more anime-ish design based on the videos and screenshots that they had released so far.

However, according to Bandai Namco’s brand manager, Stephen Akana, the game’s difficulty bar wouldn’t be sky high so that’s good news for at least some of us. I imagine the number of rage-quitters would be lesser for this title. 

No More Loneliness

Akana mentioned that this game is built to give players a “partnered experience”. Meaning, an AI companion (players can choose whoever from a number of choices) will follow your character throughout the journey. Each companion has their own backstory and distinctive skill set so you can swap between each AI companion when facing different enemies or depending on the situation. When fighting against bosses, you can make use of the companions’ abilities and Gifts to take down the enemies. Also, Akana did recommend players to use the pincer-style attack; flanking enemies from both sides.

Code Vein will also have a multiplayer mode and players can summon other players to join their party so the more Revenants, the bloodier it gets. Hopefully Bandai Namco can elaborate more about this multiplayer mode in the future!

Designer Weapons

Not much information regarding Code Vein’s weapons were divulged so far, other than the fact that one-handed and two-handed swords are available for equipping. While none of these swords’ designs can surpass the level of ‘extra’ achieved by Bloodborne’s Whirligig Saw and Logarius' Wheel, these giant swords are still a sight for sore eyes. On top of that, Code Vein will employ charged attacks and stylish combos in their combat mechanics.

All in all, what do you think about Code Vein? If you aren’t a fan of the Soulsborne games, would you still be intrigued by this title? I personally can’t wait to play this brutal-looking gem because I genuinely dig the whole Soulsborne aesthetic and anime visual combo. As we get nearer to the game’s launch date, Bandai Namco will probably release more details on it so we will be getting a clearer picture of what bloody fun we will get out of Code Vein!

All images are courtesy of Bandai Namco.

Code Vein will be released on 28th September 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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