ICYMI: The Biggest Announcements from PlayStation’s Countdown to E3 2018

By Intan Mawarni on Jun 11, 2018

In case you missed it, Sony has revealed that they will be dropping all of these juicy announcements for five days from 6 June until 10 June before the arrival of PlayStation E3 2018 showcase tomorrow.

Although we already know the PlayStation exclusive titles that will be featured in the main event such as The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding, Sony is raising up the hype bar to the next level. Here comes the hype train!

June 6: Tetris Effect

From the creator of Rez and Lumines, experience Tetris in the trippy visual and sound effects like you’ve never seen before. Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Enhance Inc presented Tetris Effect, named after the phenomenon known as the “Tetris Effect”. True to its name, the blocks of Tetris melt your mind and your screen together as you fall into infinite three-dimensional worlds as you try to fit all puzzle pieces together.

The psychedelic game is still attached with the popular Tetris root, which includes the return of classic modes like Marathon, Ultra and Spirit. Furthermore, Tetris Effect will have an all-new mode called “Zone”. In that mode, players are able to stop time and clear out extra lines to potentially avoid game-over situation in the Zone. Tetris Effect is slated to release for PS4 with the optional PSVR support this Fall.

June 7: Days Gone

Days Gone’s official release date was the second biggest highlight in the countdown to PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase! The action survival zombie game was also included in our E3 2018 wishlist. Bend Studio heard our wish with the arrival of the new trailer that detailed further into the dangerous life of Deacon St. John in the post-apocalyptic world. The trailer above showed that you could run out of fuel in the middle of a road. In that case, the players have to put a great deal of care for the bike to ensure Deacon’s survival.

Not only Deacon will be facing the Freakers horde in the game, he will confront the likelihood of animal attacks from a pride of mountain lions to a flock of ravens. In Deacon’s journey, he will come across a human cult that worships the Freakers known as R.I.P that will kill everyone who is not the member of the gang. Days Gone revs up to PS4 next year on 22 February 2019.

June 8: Twin Mirror

Fresh from the new release of Vampyr, Dontnod Entertainment has developed another narrative-driven adventure game, Twin Mirror in partnership with the publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment. You will be playing as Sam who has returned to Basswood, West Virginia to attend his best friend’s funeral. However, his life was turned upside down when he woke up with his shirt covered in blood in his hotel room without any recollection of the past.

Twin Mirror is a psychological thriller game where players need to investigate Sam’s whereabouts and determine the best choices in terms of his relationship and memories. Your choice will affect the future outcome of his own life. There will more to be revealed for Twin Mirror in 2019.

June 9: Ghost Giant

Friendship comes in a form that you never expected; like befriending an unknown giant spirit. From the creators of Fe, the indie studio Zoink launched an exclusive PSVR game, Ghost Giant where you delve deeper into the lonely life of a young boy named Louis who tends to his family’s sunflower farm along with his mother in a faraway part of the town of Sancourt.

Players will become the lovely ghost giant and build a meaningful friendship with Louis through the glasses of PSVR. You can help Louis to lift heavy furniture, vehicles and trees. The best part is you can overlook the entire town and look inside the story inside of each building in the scenic town.

June 10: Beat Saber

Are you ready to face the music? Feel the tune and slash your way out like a Jedi master in this action rhythm game, Beat Saber. Although Beat Saber is still in Steam Early Access, the game has found its place on PSVR. The release date for the PSVR version is yet to be confirmed.

Which of these games that you can’t wait to play on your PS4 and PSVR? Don’t forget to catch up with all of the E3 announcements on our Facebook and Twitter.

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