E3 2018: Everything Announced During Bethesda's Show

By Jasmin on Jun 11, 2018

The #1 Ranked Publisher in the world has brought a lot to the table today. There’s a lot to unpack so buckle up, readers, this next year will be insane.


Giving us the first official look at the sequel to this chaotic game with the Andrew WK song performed live, we know that we are playing as “walker” the last ranger in this dystopian future. Showing off the guns, wheels and all the chaos you’d expect from Rage. It will be coming out Spring 2019 and more info will be coming as we inch closer.


The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

This strategy card game is being relaunched with revamped visuals and is coming to all consoles. Heads up SEA mobile users now interested in downloading the game, it doesn’t seem to be available on the Malaysian App Store so look to grabbing the game off another country’s Store (I got mine off the UK store). Maybe you Play Store users are lucky. See you online!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset

With 11mil players, this MMORPG released a new DLC not too long ago and they’ve already announcing a new dungeon DLC “Wolf Hunter”, highlighting werewolves as the main enemy; and a new story DLC “Murkmire”, bringing players back to Black Marsh.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

An upcoming free mobile game based in The Elder Scrolls universe that will be brought over to PC, console and VR. Its a first-person RPG with unique gameplay (like swiping across the screen to slash) and procedurally generated dungeons. The game can also be played in portrait mode on mobile. It comes with several modes. Abyss, an endless dungeon survival mode; Arena, a one on one fighting mode; Town is a RPG mode with townbuilding and quests (and visit your friends towns!)

Early access is now available over on playblades.com. Pre-order starts tonight and it will be releasing sometime this Fall.

Doom Eternal

A new sequel in the series is coming! Featuring a a more powerful Doom Slayer, twice as many demons and a visual Hell on Earth.

More info will come out at Quakecon in Aug.


Quake Champions

Announcing that Quakecon will come with grassroots and major leagues, a new addition to the beloved series was also revealed. With a whole lot of brand new features, Quake Champions is currently in Early Access, a free-to-play trial version is available now and if you download THIS WEEK, the game will be free for you to play FOREVER.

Quake.com. You’re welcome.



Free update is available RIGHT NOW with three new modes: Story, New game+ and a survival mode called “Mooncrash”. This modes will put players in a simulation set on the Moon where every death matters and every single play is different.

Another upcoming mode is “Typhon Hunter”, a hide-and-seek mode where one player goes against 5 other players who play Mimics, in G-Mod’s prop hunter style. This update will be coming in the upcoming months and will also be available in VR!




“Its do or die, sis. Just like Papa taught us”

Focused on BJ’s twin daughters, this game will be a co-op experience where you and a friend lead the Resistence movement in 1980’s Paris. But don’t worry, you can also play this mode solo. Coming sometime next year.


A VR game where you play a hacker capable of taking control over Nazi robots and turning them against their masters. Because “F*ck Nazis”.



Fallout 76

New gameplay footage shows “Reclamation Day”, the day where Vault 76 opens up and its residents go out to the world. The vault’s Overseer brings players on quests in a world full of new creatures and other vault dwellers who could be friend or foe.

Todd Howard had also officially announced that Fallout 76 will be taken online as a “softcore survival” open world game with dozens of players (not hundreds) and your progression will never be lost. You can build bases that are movable and destructible and there are nuclear sites available which players can capture to use as they wish and the following fallout brings special goodies only available during a self-made fallout.

Beta launches right now and a collectors edition has been announced with goodies. Nov 14th full launch.

Fallout Shelter

This beloved mobile game is on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch for free NOW.




Mr Howard had also touched upon what will come beyond these next 12 months, two games that are currently in development a next gen single player game in an all new franchise, Starfield, that looks to be based in space; and another sequel is coming to The Elder Scrolls franchise!


Stay tuned as we unpack more press cons from E3 this week and keep an eye out on our Facebook for more video game goods!

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