Battlefield V is Confirmed by EA With An Official Reveal Coming Soon

By Intan Mawarni on May 17, 2018

The giant publisher EA has finally announced the next Battlefield game would be called as Battlefield V.

Along with the confirmation on the title and a slogan, “Battlefield will never be the same”, EA also announced that there will be a live reveal for Battlefield V which will be on 23 May at 1AM PDT ( local Malaysia time is on 24 May at 4AM).

Moreover, the Battlefield V reveal will be hosted by TV host and comedian Trevor Noah. In the upcoming live reveal, DICE stated in a blog post that the Battlefield V team will share the first look of the epic war shooter game.

The huge ‘V’ in almost all promotional materials are likely to signify the “V for Victory” which is an ode to historic symbolic gesture during World War II. After the visit to World War I in Battlefield 1, it’s a no-brainer that EA and the developer, DICE will be focusing on World War II for Battlefield V.

Prior to this official announcement, dedicated players successfully cracked an easter egg from a mysterious morse code at a Conquest map in Battlefield 1. The morse code revealed a link to EA website that showed a release date on 23 May and a Battlefield hashtag. (The link is now forwarded to the official Battlefield V website)

Furthermore, there are rumours saying that DICE will be adding battle royale mode and a special co-op mission into Battlefield V. Whether the rumours are true or false, the company has confirmed that Battlefield V will be playable in EA’s Play conference. Battlefield V is slated to release in October this year.

The Battlefield V’s live reveal announcement is also timely with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal. Rumour has it that the next Call of Duty will remove the single-player campaign but we shall see what will be revealed later at 1AM (local Malaysia time).

For Battlefield fans, what are you looking forward to in the official live reveal? Share your expectations with us through Facebook and Twitter.

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