Newly-defunct Boss Key Productions Shares Cool Ideas For Games That May Never Be Made

By Yue Lynn on May 17, 2018

After announcing Boss Key Productionsshutdown, the studio founder, Cliff Bleszinski had tweeted out and shared pieces of concept art and information from some of its game ideas that Boss Key had considered to develop. Before ending its operations, the studio was known for developing Lawbreakers and Radical Heights.


Here's the silly/fun one - basically a VR spiritual sequel to Toobin, only everyone are animals - and a way to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder. (Mario Kart on water with animals in VR.)



Here's another one, initially planned for VR, codenamed "Rover" but was shaping up to be "DogWalkers" - DOG stood for Destructive Ordnance (on the) Ground. Inspired by WW2 tank crews/battles/the movie Fury. 5 v 5 v 5 v 5 v 5 Zoid looking walkers fighting it out in MP.

World of Tanks/Tokyo Wars. Some players are piloting, some are gunners, some are repairing, etc…

The air in the world's fiction was toxic so any leaks on your walker you'd have to repair quick or get gas masks on etc. Rappel outside to weld legs too, toss wrenches to each other etc…


Here's one of the games I wanted to do codenamed "DragonFlies."

Basically you are a ninja/samurai in airships riding dragons fighting zombies with friends in a PVE "feudalpunk" setting on floating islands. (the airships = your "aircraft carriers", the dragons = your "planes")

You used melee and guns and could outfit your beasts for combat. Basically do for dragon riding what Halo did for vehicles.:

Player characters:

Oh and yes, you'd find dragon eggs, hatch them, and raise them:

Bleszinski also stated that there were plans for a DragonFlies campaign.  Also, this title, which will cost a budget of USD40 million (RM158.5 million), was pitched to MS, Sony, EA, 2K, WB and Activision but was rejected by all.

While it’s sad for Boss Key to close down, not all was lost as seen in this nice gesture from Blizzard:

So, what do you think about all these game ideas? Did you see potential in them?

All images were courtesy of Cliff Bleszinski.

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