Overwatch Is Rewarding Their Fans & Hooking In New Players

By Yue Lynn on May 15, 2018

Overwatch is celebrating its second birthday soon on 24th May with much fanfare. Released back in 24th May 2016, Blizzard Entertainment’s darling FPS title (one of 2016 best video game releases) quickly exploded to a critically acclaimed stardom and has enjoyed much success in two years’ time. Namely garnering an adoring fandom even before the game was actually released, becoming an esports title and organised the first season of Overwatch League and had over 40 million players and counting, among other achievements.

As we approach the game’s anniversary, Blizzard has more content (new and old) in store for fans and new players, mainly in the form of its second Anniversary event (22nd May - 11th June 2018):

What’s a birthday without presents? To ring in its second birthday, Overwatch is bringing a bounty of gifts, and those gifts are none other than cosmetics! According to Heroes Never Die, the Anniversary event will have 50 brand new cosmetics including 11 new skins (three Epic skins and eight Legendary skins) while Doomfist, Moira and Brigitte will get their dance emotes. On top of that, cosmetics from past seasonal events will also be available for purchase alongside the new items and all past seasonal brawls (for example: Retribution) will be available for players to play during the event.

During the Anniversary event period, anyone who logs into Overwatch will be gifted with a loot box that will guarantee a Legendary-level item. And for those who are keen to purchase the 50 loot box bundle, said bundle will come with an additional legendary loot box.

In terms of maps, a new one called Petra will be added into the Deathmatch’s existing pool of maps. Also, Deathmatch will have a Competitive Mode added in so players can now look forward to stressing themselves with another game mode to grind some SR!

On the same date as the Anniversary event (22nd May), Blizzard will be launching a Legendary Edition. This is a digital-only edition and is meant to entice new players as it comes with 15 skins (alongside the base game). Blizzard has mentioned that the offered skins will have "sets of Legendary, Epic, and Origin skins”. Currently, the price for the Legendary Edition hasn’t been announced yet.

To further attract and rope in new players, Blizzard will be holding a free weekend event for Overwatch across all platforms on 25th - 28th May during the Anniversary event period. Players who download Overwatch during said free weekend period can have access to the Anniversary event, all the heroes plus cosmetics, games modes (except Competitive Mode) and loot boxes. Whatever progress made during this ‘free period’ can be transferred over if players decided to buy the game. Cheers love, a good deal indeed.

So are you hyped up yet for the rocket barrage of Overwatch content coming our way?

Learn more about Overwatch by clicking here.

To support Overwatch’s current Breast Cancer Research Foundation charity (8th - 21st May 2018) and to get Pink Mercy’s skin, click here and here.

All images are courtesy of Overwatch and Blizzard Press Center.

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