3 Things You Should Know About MBT's New Look

By Yue Lynn on May 14, 2018

Image Credit: MBT
Image Credit: MBT

Local gaming community, Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT), will be spotting a new look from now on by introducing a few changes. Created back in 15th September 2006 by a group of passionate gamers, MBT will be celebrating its 12th anniversary this year.

In their website’s latest post titled, ‘The Future’, MBT stated that with the approaching “new era and next generation of gaming” they are taking action  in introducing several changes, but with the same old core values.

Here are the three significant things from their new look:

“The Gaming Community”

MBT is moving its official communications server to Discord in an effort “to introduce a more diverse platform for the public to play and engage with our community members, alongside a diverse range of online games such as PUBG, Overwatch, Fornite, DOTA, League of Legends, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and other upcoming online titles.” Discord is currently a popular gaming chat channel among the global gaming community (professional esports teams such as the Overwatch League teams are among those who use this application to connect with their fans) so this move by MBT is a step in the right direction in terms of ‘staying updated’ with the rest of the gaming landscape.

“New Look, New Generation”

Image Credit: MBT
Image Credit: MBT

Despite following core values from before, MBT will be spearheaded by a new committee of young gamers. This new committee is putting emphasis “on creating a positive gaming community and providing opportunities to those who wish to strive further in competitive gaming or content creation.” Happy to know that the community spirit is still alive, bright and burning in MBT. Local aspiring gamers, esports players and streamers, do take note!

“Content Creators and Streamers”

Image Credit: MBT
Image Credit: MBT

Following their focus on ‘positive gaming community’, MBT is also putting some of their attention into streaming. In order to enhance their social media outreach, MBT will push and promote “the growth of more streamers”. More importantly, MBT will introduce brand and community collaboration! For interested local streamers, brands and gaming communities, this is important information for y’all. Hosting streams is pretty in-trend right now as many gaming organisations engage in said activities to promote public awareness towards their brand/company. For example, one of such organisations is Malaysia’s very own Sirius.

With all these changes, we can’t wait to see what MBT have in store for us in the future!

So, what do you think about MBT’s new look?

Learn more about MBT by clicking here

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