Dallas Fuel Releases Head Coach Kyle “KyKy” Souder & DPS Player Kim “Rascal” Dong-jun

By Yue Lynn on Apr 16, 2018

Image Credit: Dallas Fuel
Image Credit: Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel has announced the release of head coach Kyle “KyKy” Souder & DPS Player Kim “Rascal” Dong-jun. Besides working for Dallas Fuel, KyKy had previously coached for Team Envy’s Overwatch roster during the Overwatch Contenders and APEX seasons and Team USA for Overwatch World Cup 2017.

With the release of KyKy, assistant coach Emanuel “Peak” Uzoni was named Interim Head Coach effective immediately. Additionally, Dallas Fuel revealed that they have signed Kang “Vol’Jin” Min-Gyu of Meta Gaming in Korea to the coaching staff. In their official announcement, Dallas Fuel stated that “Vol’Jin is expected to assume assistant coaching duties when he joins the team in Los Angeles in the coming weeks, following approval of his Visa. The Fuel expect to announce a new head coach within the next week as negotiations are ongoing with numerous candidates for the position.”

Mike Rufail, owner of the Dallas Fuel and Team Envy said, “We will always appreciate Kyle’s commitment to this organisation. He is a true competitor who coached our team through a great run and a Contenders championship; unfortunately, we have not replicated that championship level of success in the Overwatch League this season. While we recognise many of the challenges Kyle faced with the Dallas Fuel were beyond his control, there comes a time when change is necessary for the team to move forward and we felt that time is now,” said Mike Rufail, owner of the Dallas Fuel and Team Envy.

The release of KyKy did not really came off as a surprise because many fans were unhappy with his work, as evident with Dallas Fuel’s poor performances. Dallas Fuel is currently sitting on the 10th spot in the League standings out of 12 teams overall.

Rufail also commented on Rascal’s release, saying “We had hoped that Rascal could add flexibility to our DPS lineup on the team this season. Unfortunately, his commitment to the team did not meet our expectations and his unwillingness to communicate with the team while playing in recent matches became a large distraction.”

Image Credit: Dallas Fuel
Image Credit: Dallas Fuel

Formerly a member of London Spitfire, the Korean DPS player was earlier acquired by Dallas Fuel whereby he played for his new team throughout Stage 2 but only appeared in two matches in Stage 3.

Recently, Rascal was embroiled in a controversy along with KyKy which happened when the team decided to field Dylan ‘aKm’ Bignet in a game that required a lot of Genji plays “despite the fact that Rascal was brought on in part for his ability to play the hero”. According to Dexerto, “head coach Kyle ‘KyKy’ Souder revealed that the decision to field aKm had been forced due to Rascal not wanting to play on that day. aKm later came out and reinforced this position, complaining that he was the subject of criticism when in fact he had been forced to play a game he wasn’t prepared for due to Rascal’s refusal to play.”

However, Rascal told his side of the story in a stream and “claims that the suggestion that he “decided not to play” is false, and that instead he was placed on the bench by KyKy himself.”

Many folks have voice out their opinions on these releases, such as Overwatch League shoutcaster Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles and Rascal’s former teammate, Los Angeles Gladiator’s Baek “Fissure” Chan-Hyung:

Translation for Fissure’s statement by @tisrobin311
Translation for Fissure’s statement by @tisrobin311

Translation for Fissure’s statement by @tisrobin311
Translation for Fissure’s statement by @tisrobin311

Moving forward, will these releases help Dallas Fuel in the future?

To read Dallas Fuel’s official announcement regarding the releases, click here.

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