Kingdom Hearts III Goes Retro With New Minigame Trailer

By Jasmin on Apr 16, 2018

A brand new trailer has dropped for Kingdom Hearts III and although it didn’t come with an official release date, it’s definitely something to get hyped for. Those sweet 58 seconds of footage definitely made some of us here really happy:

It isn’t surprising that the third installment to the series will have minigames. Every game in the series had some sort of minigame; whether it was earning munnies through working odd jobs in Twilight Town or training with Phil over at Olympus Stadium. But the type of minigame shown in that trailer is definitely something different.

While we have no idea what world these minigames will be playable in, though it looks like it could be an updated Twilight Town as it has some familiar faces, it certainly is a blast to the past for long-time gamers. These minigames look to be inspired by those LCD games given with Happy Meals at McDonalds when I was a kid.

If this game that’s heavily drizzled with Disney and classic Square Enix worlds and characters wasn’t nostalgic enough, the addition of these classic-style minigames definitely should do the trick.

Kingdom Hearts III is set to be released on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, with no release date set although there has been an apparent leak.


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