Xbox Boss Congratulates Sony For God of War’s Outstanding Review Scores

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 16, 2018

As the new God of War reels in close to its official release date this Friday, it seems God of War can’t take a break from the overwhelming positive review scores by gaming media giants in general.

The long-awaited sequel has been generating so much hype that it recently turned heads of  a prominent competitor.

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, composed a tweet of congratulations to God of War’s developer Santa Monica Studio and PlayStation Worldwide Studios leader Shuhei Yoshida for the excellent review scores and solid launch.

In regards to Spencer’s lovely words, Yoshida responded by thanking him.

Steering away from slaying Greek gods to traversing in Norse jungles, Kratos returns in the titular God of War as a father to Atreus in search for inner peace after the lost of loved ones (again) along with his trusty axe, the Leviathan.

The new God of War is revamped in a brilliant way and the game has mesmerised us since we got our first look.

God of War received a wonderful 9/10 from us. Our writer Jasmin said in her review, “I enjoyed every moment of gameplay. This is the God of War that I have been asking for and I am glad Santa Monica Studios listened. It was tough to find fault.”

God of War will be released on 20 April exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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