Truly Malaysian Games You Need To Play

By Dale Bashir on Apr 16, 2018

The mother of all elections has come and gone, and a new Malaysia is upon us fellow Malaysians. There's been a lot of politics and madness since then, and it carries on until today. Nothing reflects that more than the type of board games Malaysians have released to reflect the state of Malaysia's politics as it is a spectacle to behold for sure. If you're keen to see how this is possible, here are 4 Malaysian board games to play:

The Lepak Game

Nothing unites Malaysians more than the act of lepak-ing with your best friends, being at the mamak all night, and probably steering clear of politics in your conversations. While lepak-ing in and of itself is fun enough, what about a game that caters to it and is even named after it? The Lepak Game is the way to go. Very similar to Cards Against Humanity, this Malaysianised version appeals to our culture; bringing common concepts like mamaks and other idiosyncrasies to a popular playstyle. Definitely a “party” game.



With the whole 1MDB kerfuffle still fresh in the minds of Malaysians, Kleptopoly is the perfect game for you to understand the kerfuffle and maybe try it out for yourself. This game is a sort of Monopoly-style of board game that has 2-4 players playing on a Malaysia inspired board, collecting money and trying to get away with it. Touted as “an interactive game to raise awareness on anti-corruption and asset declaration”, there isn’t a more apt game when it comes to this election.



If Kleptopoly seems to skirt a little too close to real-world problems, the original sekolah rendah classic is still around for you to play with hopefully your sekolah rendah friends. Odds are you’ll be going back to your sekolah rendah anyway to cast your vote, so why not play the game that started/ended your childhood friendships. Heck if you are in KL or Penang, there are individual versions of the game for each city, which allows you and your friends to role-play political parties taking over constituencies.



Just like how this will be the “mother of all elections”, Politiko is THE political card game for you to play this election. This game is infamous and, more often than not, many of you have played this game before. Even prolific news outlets like CNN and IGN have covered this game before. This game is about elections; you get to choose your party and scheme your way to win your seat in Putrajaya. It’s like a quick-paced Game of Thrones with 5 of your friends. If, for whatever reason, you haven’t checked this game out, now is the best time to pick it up. There’s also a Sabah and Sarawak expansion pack, providing extra fun to our pals from the East.

UPDATE: The game also now comes in mobile! Check out our review here

No matter what happens to Malaysia, it's great to know that this board game has left a legacy for us to remember now and forever. Happy Merdeka, Malaysia!

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