Zaun inspired Tryndamere skin is now available in the League of Legends PBE 7.11 cycle

By Kurtis Chan on May 18, 2017

Patch 7.10 of League of Legends just hit live servers recently, which means a new PBE cycle has started for patch 7.11, which also means new skins to arrive to the game. The lucky hero to receive a new alternative look will be none other than the Barbarian King himself, Tryndamere. Well, he doesn't look like a Barbarian King anymore, with his new skin, Chemtech Tryndamere more like the king of genetically modified humans from Zaun.

Here are some details of Chemtech Tryndamere as posted by Riot LoveStrut in the League of Legends PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread:

"This'll be a slaughter."

Broken free from the Zaunite lab that's been holding him, Chemtech Tryndamere takes to the Rift to test the strengths of his newfound improvements.

Chemtech Content

  • All-new model and textures (Zaunite armor and tech surges the power of chemtech through him.)
  • All-new SFX (A harmonious blend of machine, steam, and chemicals.)
  • All-new animations (Getting juiced back up before back into battle!)
  • Set to be 975 RP (prices are subject to change.)

Chemtech Tryndamere is rocking the Zaunite color scheme of green and gold, just like some of the champions who hail from Zaun like Singed and Urgot. The visual effect changes for Chemtech Tryndamere that I like the most has to be his chicken icon on top of the enemy's head when he uses his Mocking Shout (W) on them. The chicken is now wearing an armor or a mask, Chemtech Chicken maybe? His recall animation is rather terrifying for me, imagine those long and thick needles poking into your body, with force, and pumping more chemicals into you, no thanks!

Chemtech Tryndamere is now available for testing in the League of Legends PBE ans will be coming to patch 7.11 of live servers if nothing goes wrong.

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