YouTuber posts detailed guide in building D.Va’s LEGO B.Va mech, and it looks amazing

By Kin Boon on May 11, 2017

Popular video game franchises are more than just games nowadays, with plenty of product tie-ins to satisfy fans, and it’s no different with Overwatch. Blizzard’s popular hero shooter has spawned plenty of merchandises in the form of Funko Pops, action figures, and Nendoroids. LEGO is also a popular form of collectibles that has collaborated with pop culture franchises, but it currently didn’t have any official products for Overwatch. With that said, the freeform structure of LEGO allows creative individuals to make their own figures, as shown in this tutorial video.

YouTuber Nick Brick uploaded a detailed guide in building D.Va’s legendary B.Va mech, complete with a parts list and section by section installation. Based on the video, you need close to 300 parts, and you’ll have to combine them into 153 sections before you can have the mech in its full glory. The process might seem tedious and costly, but if you are an Overwatch fan and a LEGO enthusiast, it’s definitely worth trying to have your own customized figure, especially when the steps were perfectly laid out for you to follow.

You can check out Nick Brick’s past creations on his channel, and who knows, it might inspire you to build more customized LEGO figures.


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