Your Favorite Ghost-Types Are Here to Haunt Pokemon Go

By Dale Bashir on Oct 20, 2017

Halloween is truly a magical time for gamers, all kinds of ghastly apparitions coming into the limelight. Pokemon Go is no different and is bringing the event in threefold, with all-new Hoenn Pokemon getting into the fray, specifically the Ghost-types of the generation.

Joining in the festivities are cave-dwelling Sableye, doll demon Banette, spooky puppet Shuppet, floating head Duskull and its wandering eye evolution Dusclops. Expect these Pokemon under a full moon, typically near abandoned buildings and graveyards. Also joining in are previous Ghost-types like Gengar and Haunter, and also the Johto Ghost-types that were added since, including Murkrow, Houndoom, and Misdreavus.

So be careful out there, a full moon and a motley crew of Ghost-types are coming your way. Maybe the new witch hat Pikachu is just what you need to fend off these new Pokemon and go trick or treating for some new Candies to level up your Pokemon. 

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