You Don’t Know Tough Until You’ve Played Runner3 (Review)

By Jasmin on Jun 22, 2018

Full disclosure, this game went through two of my colleagues before it landed in my hands. Both of them rage quit at some point during the first world and that kind of freaked me out a little. Alas, here I am, playing the game. And surprisingly not getting angry. I’m serious.


“I played the game better when it was muted”

- Dale, the first victim.


Runner3 on the surface looks like any old platformer but really it isn’t. You have no control over Commander Video nor his lady friend (male/female character selection, for the win) except for dodging obstacles. Playing the game further showed me that this game is possibly the most intricate rhythm game I have ever played. Each gold bar collected, jump over enemies or slide under obstacles will add to the music playing in the levels and only when they are timed right will they sound right. It will take a lot of getting used to and in that time, it will cause a bit of frustration.

Right off the bat, the game starts off with sarcastic ads and sarcasm is littered throughout the game. And the narration is voiced by Charles Martinet, the guy who voices everyone’s favourite Italian plumber. I love it. The music throughout the game is great too, from start to finish. I find myself whistling the intro tune at random times. For the lack of a better word, it’s sort of like Guitar Hero meets Crash Bandicoot.

I do find that this game needs to be taken in bite-sized chunks, but it might just be me. After about 3 levels I get the same sort of dizziness I get when I’m in full-concentration playing Guitar Hero, and breaks are definitely needed otherwise I get fatigued. I’ve never known a game to make my brain feel fatigued except with rhythm games. Overall, I haven’t found much fault with the game but that doesn’t make it a perfect game. There is still the massive bug I faced at Level 2-3 where I start at a checkpoint and the game would bug out, music still goes but the character stops, and cost me a ‘life’.

If you really want to know, my highest death tally right now is 63. Sometimes it’s tough to figure out how your movements match the level’s music and sometimes it has to match TO THE TEE. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go coach some sushi...into my mouth.

We got to play the game through a review code thanks to the developers Choice Provisions. The game is currently available on Steam (RM51) and Nintendo Switch (US$29.99).

Have you played Runner3? Did you rage quit like Daniel and Dale? Let us know down in the comments what you thought, and don’t forget to follow us over on our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for more gaming related goodness!

Just keep running
Just like the rest of the BIT.TRIP series, Runner3 is just an endless runner. For some, it may end up being a game that they'll put down after about an hour of attempts. For me, its a game that I'll pick up every so often just for a mental break. There's not much gameplay variance so expect to just keep running, just keep running, just keep running, running, running...
The Good
  • Extremely Interwoven Gameplay
  • Earworm-giving Music
The Bad
  • Semi-repetitive
  • Possibly Rage Inducing
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Writer, photographer, music lover, friend of the animals, adventurer and PC gamer by circumstance (no, really). RPGs and fighters are my favs, I'll beat you at MK or MvC anyday. Judging all the cups of coffee, even the ones made by myself.
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