You can pull off this Sombra exploit in Overwatch for an unfair advantage but do it at your own risk as a pro player was suspended because of it

By Kurtis Chan on Aug 4, 2017

Overwatch has always been infested with bugs and glitches since day one and now Sombra has a bug that you can exploit in Temple of Anubis, but fair warning, exploiting this bug could result in you getting suspended or even banned as a professional Overwatch player was banned for pulling it off during his stream.

The pro player in question is Dante "Danteh" Cruz from Arc6 was seen exploiting the Sombra bug in his stream and as a result, he was suspended for a week. Blizzard has been very strict on exploiting bugs and glitches to win games in Overwatch. Even though he knows about it, Danteh continued to exploit it in his stream and saying that Blizzard would never ban him for it. He was not banned but suspended for a week until August 10, so I guess he was right about it.

The way the bug works is Sombra is able to throw her Translocator through a specific portion of a wall at Temple of Anubis and she can translocate back to the spawn area for safety. She can also do the opposite and throw the Translocator back into the fray and give your enemies the shock of their lives. Check out his Twitch clip below to see how he did it.

Take it as a lesson and try your best not to exploit the bugs in game. If you really need to try just create a custom game and test it out to your heart's content without having to worry about getting suspended.

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