You Can Now Stream Assassin's Creed Odyssey On Your Google Chrome

By Dale Bashir on Oct 3, 2018

Tech giant Google has long been rumoured to have an interest in entering the games market, and has even teased an upcoming streaming platform for games since E3 2018. Known at the time as “Project Yeti”, it was rumoured to be either a new platform for games or even a new console. Now, we finally know our answer.

“Project Stream” is what Google is calling this new platform and, as expected, it allows for users to stream games directly onto their Google Chrome browsers. So judging by how the technology works, all you need is a good enough PC with a decent Internet connection, and you’ll be good to go on playing the latest games directly off of Chrome.

The first game announced is the brand new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which was released just yesterday, and is now under the Project Stream program. Currently, there are no other games announced for this service, but more should be announced as the beta ends.

The service is currently in beta and users in the US can apply to be a beta tester on Google’s official Project Stream site. Hopefully it’ll be released worldwide once the beta is done. Find out more here on Google’s official blog post on their latest development.

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