You can now handle one man’s $50,000 in stock market trading on Twitch

By Kin Boon on May 31, 2017

Image credit: StockStream
Image credit: StockStream

Twitch has grown with a booming popularity over the years, and it’s beyond a simple streaming website as it is commonly known. Followers had the chance to play games from Pokémon to Dark Souls, but the latest version of its interactive gameplay experience offers a high dose of realism, and it involves tons of real life money.

Interactive Twitch stream Stock Stream goes live daily, and it allows users to handle one man’s $50,000 in the stock market. The experiment where Twitch users installed Arch Linux onto a computer inspired this latest interactive experience, which gives users the power to buy or sell via vote. Stock Steam’s algorithm will then tally the votes and place the trade after each round of voting.

“I'd seen the idea posted around on some subreddits, so just decided to build it,” said software developer Mike, who created the stream’s algorithm. “I just read peoples buy/sell commands from the chat window, do a simple counting of each vote, take the top vote and place that trade. That part of the system was actually easy to build — the tough part was building the UI and getting the system to a stable point where it was ready [for] long-term usage.”

This might be all fun and games for us, but it’s a huge risk for Mike to take, considering the $50,000 came from his own pocket. With that said, he admitted that his initial worries subsided since the experiment started, and he gained a bit of confidence in the players.

“Before today, I was a bit skeptical — thought I might lose money quickly, but things seem OK,” Mike said. “Now that a lot of the money is diversified, the swings in value should start getting bigger. I ran some simulations with some made-up data, and calculated that it would last at least a couple months.”

Trading on Stock Stream begins at 0900 ET (2100 GMT+8) daily, and as much as it’s fun to dabble in the stock market with someone else’s cash, make sure you check out the rules and regulation before you handle Mike’s finances.

Source: Polygon

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