You can now download the Monster Hunter Stories demo on your 3DS

By Dale Bashir on Aug 11, 2017

Available today, owners of Nintendo's 3DS and 2DS line of systems can now download Capcom's latest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise. Monster Hunter Stories is a cutesy, spin-off game, with a new take on the series's traditional action RPG fare and instead adds a turn-based system to the game. The player will also control a Rider this time around instead of a Hunter, which means you'll spend most of your time befriending Rathalos instead of hunting him down with your Long Sword.

The demo will cover the first few hours of the game and players will get to transfer their saves when the full game releases on September 8th, 2017. The game also has Amiibo functionality, with its own line of Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo. The Amiibo figurines give access to bonus crafting items and more.

Overall, this looks like a fun side-game to distract us from counting down the seconds until Monster Hunter World releases, a nice little Monster Hunter turn-based RPG with colourful characters, befriending the monsters which is a first for the series, and an actual storyline throughout the game. So saddle up and try out the Monster Hunter Stories demo today.

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