You can now cast your votes for 2017 IGF and Game Developers Choice Audience Awards

By David Tan on Jan 24, 2017


Your votes matter here too. Game Developer Conference (GDC) just announced that the voting for both the Game Developers Choice Audience Award and the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Audience Award is open now! The voting period will remain open through next Tuesday, January 31st at 11:59 PM PT, so be sure to decide your votes before the submission closed.

Both audience awards are open to public, allowing gamers around the world to participate in order to support their favorite games and nominees. Previously we mentioned about the IGF awards nominees and how they are some of the best games the industry can offer. Here are the links to cast your votes to both awards respectively

Game Developers Choice Awards’ Audience Awards

Independent Game Festivals’ Audience Wards

The voting process is simple. Voters just have to select the game they wish to vote for, provide a valid email address at the end and click Submit. Viola, your vote will then be submitted properly. Fear not, as the organizers will delete your information after the poll has closed so do not worry about submitting your email.

Winners will be announced during the ceremonies happening on Wednesday, March 1st at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The ceremonies will also be livestreamed on GDC's official Twitch channel at 6:30 PM PT beginning with the IGF Awards, and followed by the Choice Awards. 

The GDC Awards celebrates the top games and developers of the industry while the IGF Awards reward the most influential, exemplary indie games, giving recognition to the best of the best and encourages game developers to innovate in the medium itself every year.

Source: Gamasutra

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