YesOJO Powers Up Your Nintendo Switch With New Range Of Products

By Dale Bashir on Sep 27, 2018

If you’re an avid fan of the Nintendo Switch, you might see a couple of third-party peripherals that are popular with fans. One of the items that stood out to us was a Switch dock that also acts as a projector, allowing you to play your Switch docked without needing a TV. This is the OJO Projector by YesOJO, an innovative piece of tech that acted as a dock, projector, and powerbank for your Nintendo Switch. Now, YesOJO is following that up with a whole slew of new products.

One of the new products they’re introducing is what they call The World’s First Portable Bluetooth Speaker for the Nintendo Switch. While their previous endeavours focused on the Switch in docked mode, this new innovation adds a much needed power-up to the often forgotten tabletop mode. With this new device, you essentially turn your Switch into an on-the-go mini TV, complete with speakers that give the Switch some much needed audio depth. Other features include:

  • Acting as a plug & play dock for your Switch and a Bluetooth Speaker for your other devices
  • Expert cooling system for the Switch console
  • Will allow 8 - 12 hours playing time on a single charge
  • Speaker dock will also charge the Switch when connected to a power supply
  • Can also act as a power bank, giving 8 hours play time or two full charges to the Switch console
  • 2 x USB 3.1 ports for charging other devices in powerbank mode

The second new product is a follow-up to their initial OJO Projector; the OJO Projector Mini. Just like the original, it’s a portable projector dock, only now in a smaller size and comes at a lower price as well. It projects at 480p definition with a screen size of 30 to 120 inches.Just like its predecessor, it’s also a powerbank and can fully charge your Switch up to 2 times.

And lastly, the new Gatito wireless controller for Nintendo Switch. While the Joycons are great in handheld mode, a lot of players would prefer a more standard controller when playing on the TV. The fact is Nintendo’s official Pro Controller is pretty pricey, so of course YesOJO is providing an alternative to Switch owners. The new Gatito is a good, cheaper option that does everything a Pro Controller does while being at half the price.

If you’re a Switch owner and you’re looking to power up your Switch, check out the YesOJO website for more details. We have a few of their products that we’re going to review, so stay tuned for that. Keep up with Gamehubs on Facebook and Twitter to be up to date on our Tokyo Game Show 2018 coverage and all things gaming.

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