YEAH Asia League Officially Launched In Kuala Lumpur

By Michelle J. Brohier on Dec 14, 2018

With the eSports industry set to rise in Malaysia thanks to Budget 2019, it's no surprise that more events and leagues related to it will start landing here. That was the case with Yes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (YEAH) League, a new e-sports league in Malaysia set to help the eSports scene grow.

The YEAH Asia League will be the core of a number of e-sports initiatives set to happen across Asia. These includes tournaments and festivals, as well as recruiting talented players and grooming them to become professional gamers.

The launch was held on 13 December 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, where Mr Timothy Shen, founder of YEAH, shared his enthusiasm and hopes for the league as well as the potential Malaysia holds in the future.


“We have chosen Malaysia to kick off the YEAH Asia League because we recognise the potential of e-sports in this country. Even though Malaysia has many talented players, there are only a few outlets in which they can compete. By offering our own ‘e-sports + Entertainment’ platform’, we hope to train a new generation of professional gamers as well as develop a new audience whose passion for watching eSports matches will translate into sustainable revenue for advertisers and media channels.” - Timothy Shen

After the launch in KL, the league will look into launching in Bangkok and Tokyo next this month, followed by Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Dubai and Taipei in the following months. The 2019 tournament and event calendar will be announced in January while talent scouting and business development programmes with corporate sponsors are expected to take place throughout 2019.

The games lineup has yet to be confirmed but you can expect popular titles such as Overwatch, League of Legends (LoL) and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) to be in the list.

During the launch, YEAH Asia League also introduced a storage card that also functions as an e-wallet. This card will contain token values which can be used at their website and will be used to support what you love about eSports - supporting your favourite players activities like livestreams or event participation. This card is available for everyone and you can register now at their website to get more updates and to become a member. The app to enable use of the card will be launched at a later date so stay tuned for updates on that.

On top of that the launch also announced a winner for their contest, Ann Wong, who will get a full scholarship to study eSports at Asia Pacific University (APU). Cosplayers were also encouraged to participate in the event as well as for upcoming YEAH Asia League events.

For more information, be sure to follow the YEAH Asia League Facebook page.

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