YB Gobind Singh Pays Visit To Malaysian Developers Participating In Tokyo Game Show 2018

By Dale Bashir on Sep 21, 2018

As part of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)’s continuous efforts to introduce Malaysia to the wider gaming market, Tokyo Game Show is once again home to the Export Acceleration Mission (EAM), where various Malaysian companies in the gaming industry get to engage with game developers and publishers from across the world and establish themselves in the wider gaming industry.

With the help of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), 12 Malaysian companies were brought to the biggest gaming convention in Asia to promote the EAM, and were all housed under a special Malaysian Pavillion within Tokyo Game Show. The companies involved are; Agmo Studio, Why Creative, Glow Production, Lemon Sky Animation, MOL Accessportal, Nightmorning Studio, Passion Republic, SHRAD Computing, SoundtRec, Streamline Studio, Studio Kamii and Gamehubs as well.

As the Tokyo Game Show kicked off yesterday, the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Yang Berhormat Tuan Gobind Singh Deo, paid a visit to the Malaysian Pavillion at Tokyo Game Show along with Malaysian Ambassador To Japan Dato' Ahmad Izlan Idris as well as MDEC CEO Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood. The delegates were greeted with members of the Japanese press as well as the participating Malaysian companies.

On the prospects of the Tokyo Game Show, the minister had this to say: ”TGS represents a key market for the Malaysian Game Industry, providing access to the vast network of industry players both in Japan and throughout the greater Asia Pacific region, if not the world. TGS 2018 is showing a strong mobile gaming and indie presence, very much in line with a core section of Malaysian developers.”

We here at Gamehubs commend the combined efforts of MATRADE, MDEC, and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia in bringing the Malaysian gaming industry to the forefront. Hopefully these efforts will continue as the years come by and bear fruit to hopeful game developers in Malaysia.

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