Wonder Woman Will Sling Her Lasso In Arena Of Valor

By Intan Mawarni on Jul 26, 2018

Another DC superhero is set to join the Arena of Valor roster! Introducing the Amazon princess, Wonder Woman, who is the fourth DC character that will arrive in Arena of Valor’s Southeast server. 

Wonder Woman wields her sword and shield in-hand together with her magic bracelets as well as the Lasso of Truth to draw enemy’s first blood. Take a look on Wonder Woman’s actions in the latest Arena of Valor Hero Spotlight:

As for her abilities, Wonder Woman can swing her shield towards the enemies after two successive attacks. There are three active abilities that can be unleashed throughout the gameplay. Let’s find out her abilities and the description below:

Passive ability: Amazon Shield

“After 2 normal attacks, Wonder Woman's next normal attack will throw her shield, dealing an additional 84 true damage to all enemies in its path and slowing their movement speed by 50% for 0.5 seconds. If the shield hits an enemy, Wonder Woman will recover 10 (+7 each level) (+16) HP. If the shield hits an enemy hero, the HP recovered is tripled.”

Ability 1 - Sword And Shield

“Wonder Woman repels her enemies with her sword and shield. Her shield bash deals 40 (+100) (+5% of the target's maximum HP) Physical Damage and slows enemy movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds. If the shield hits an enemy hero, Wonder Woman will receive 15% damage reduction for 3 seconds. After Wonder Woman bashes with her shield, she can activate the ability again to follow with a sword attack that deals the same amount of physical damage. Enemies hit by the center of her blade suffer double damage.”

Ability 2 - Lasso Of Truth

“Wonder Woman throws her Lasso of Truth around an enemy. If the enemy's HP is greater than 50% of their maximum HP, then Wonder Woman will be pulled towards them, dealing 250 (+168) physical damage. If the enemy's HP is less than or equal to 50% of their maximum HP, then Wonder Woman will pull them towards her, dealing 250 (+168) physical damage. If Wonder Woman hits an enemy with this ability, the cooldown will be reduced by 3 seconds. Targets hit are stunned for a short period of time.”

Ability 3 - Bracelets Of Submission

“Wonder Woman builds up her energy then slams her bracelets together, unleashing an energy wave that deals 400 (+168) physical damage to enemies in front of her and stunning them for 1 second. Wonder Woman and allies behind her receive shields that absorb 600 (+%12 of her own maximum HP) damage for 3 seconds. Wonder Woman also increases her movement speed by 80% for 1 second. While she is building energy, Wonder Woman will receive high amounts of damage reduction.”

Collect them all to unlock Wonder Woman permanently
Collect them all to unlock Wonder Woman permanently

In conjunction with an in-game event QuestMania that will be live throughout this week, players can stand a chance to unlock Wonder Woman permanently for free by participating daily QuestMania quests in order to collect 8 Wonder Woman Treasure Icons from 26 July to 31 July. You can collect the Treasure Icons by login to the game daily and play Casual or Ranked matches.

Wonder Woman will be coming to Arena of Valor on 29 July and on that same day, users can unlock an exclusive Ember Zephys skin.

Are you excited that Wonder Woman will be joining the league of heroes, Superman and Batman as well as the villain, The Joker, in the game? Tell us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more gaming content.

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