Wizards Of the Coast Reveals The All New Magic:The Gathering Arena

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 8, 2017

The grand-daddy of table top card games is back and this time it is breaking boundaries with its new digital game, Magic: the Gathering Arena. While this is not their first time into the digital gaming foray, Magic: The Gathering has always wanted to bring their platform up to trend, and with the Arena, this could be their next breakthrough.

For frequent players, this game might bring you back to earlier digital games by Wizards such as MTG: Duels and MTGO, but this time, arena is going to be their first digital platform that will have all the new cards from the upcoming standard set Ixalan, with each year seeing an additional 1,000 cards being added in for deeper gameplay and experience. MTG Arena will also be Wizards first foray into creating an esports worthy platform, with Twitch being the main streaming platform which allows viewers to watch fast paced, exciting and deep gameplay.

Additionally, those of us who have experience in MTG will also enjoy the full gameplay experience, using its new Game Rules Engine (GRE) which allows for the card to be played as per its physical form, meaning all those convoluted game strategies and combos can now be done in-game. For those of you who are interested in trying out this new platform for a beloved franchise, you can sign up for the game here

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