Why PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Mobile Is Better Than Fortnite Mobile

By Dale Bashir on Apr 4, 2018


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is just the gift that keeps on giving and they’ve just presented the world with PUBG Mobile, a smaller, more portable version of the hit game. It’s available now on iOS and Android, so the question on everyone’s minds is if it’s better than Fortnite: Battle Royale on mobile. Well, let’s answer that for you. Here are a few things that PUBG Mobile does better than it’s cartoony counterpart:-

It’s Free-to-Play: For Everyone

PUBG is available for smartphones everywhere, free and ready for anyone to jump into the game. Fortnite Mobile however, is an invite-only affair for now. While it may be for “better optimisation of servers”, Fortnite’s unavailability to the masses (especially the Android crowd) is really bolstering up PUBG’s downloads. Hence, PUBG gives you more friends to play with at the moment. Until Fortnite becomes free for everyone, this is the best thing Battlegrounds has to offer.

No Phone Left Behind

If you’re still on the iPhone 5S and think you’ve been left behind, well, PlayerUnknown has got you covered. On iOS, the game can be played from the iPhone 5S and beyond. While the iPhone 6 is the recommended phone to start playing the game with, playing it on the 5S with the lowest settings can still give you a good time. Fortnite Mobile however, is only available from the iPhone 7 and above, which leaves out a pretty big margin of players, especially those on Android since the game is not available on Android systems yet.

Same Experience, Different Device

PUBG touts itself as the official and most accurate way of enjoying a battle royale game on your mobile phones and they are right on the money with that. PUBG has no compromises; so expect the same maps, vehicles and guns from your usual PC experience, but wrapped up in a nice little smartphone package. Fortnite does tweak the game a bit, like leaving out the single-player, zombie tower-defense mode. While it may not be the main draw of the game, it is still a big chunk of the game gone.

Voice Chat and Crews

Fortnite can still be a lot of fun if you have friends over to play together, but it still leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to in-game multiplayer interaction. PUBG has a built-in voice chat, allowing players to work together on-the-fly, teaming up to get the coveted “Chicken Dinner”. What’s also fun is that now you can make Crews, in-game alliances with your friends, similar to how you would make clans in other mobile games. This allows for a more community-centric gameplay.

Extra Fun for Everyone

While the base gameplay is intact, the game also offers daily rewards and missions to accomplish while playing. This adds another layer of depth, providing more than just the battle royale game mode and incentivises players to do and play more. The rewards include all the cosmetics you need to style up your in-game avatar. Fortnite doesn’t offer any extra goodies for players however, only providing the base game squeezed into a smartphone.

Overall, the popularity of either game remains to be seen until Fortnite goes completely free-for-all. As of now, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds seems to be the clear winner in the mobile scene.

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