What We Want To See In Jurassic World Evolution

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 25, 2017

Dinosaurs in parks was never a great idea, yet as Jurassic Park has shown, they add to a cinematic experience. Frontier Development is now trying to transition that experience into a game in the form of Jurrasic World Evolution, and here are some of the things we would like to see from this simulator.


Play with Perspectives

While building and managing the park will keep us busy, for an extra touch of immersion, we would want to be able to playe with the different viewing perspectives. This means as we build the park, we would like to see in the eyes of the Pterodactyl that has escaped, or the eyes of any of the attendees who are witnessing this disaster. all this would make for a more immersive scene as well as a way for you to find more creative ways to build your ideal dinosaur park.


3rd Party Mod Support

One of the factors that makes games like Cities: Skylines successfull as a sim is their 3rd party support for mods, or an open engine workshop that allows modders to play around with their game engine. This lets us as players add the content we want into the game giving us more reasons to play on with the game even after finishing the main story progression. imagine Sith lords and Jedis duking it out with a T-Rex. Ah, such fun....

Smart Dinosaurs Planning To Overtake Theme Park

As we have seen through the live action movie, smart dinosaurs makes for better suspense and mystery. The park should also let us do the same with our dinosaurs through genetic breeding options and dino creators. And like the movie, we must also be able to get scientist to be able to come up with a devious megalomaniac plan which fails and later on attempt to redeem themselves by doing the exact opposite. this is probably the exact clone of the movie butt yes, we would definitely love it if they could bring this back to the game.

H20 is not your friend

If you think the land is scary with all their giant dinos, wait till you drop into the sea, or large aquatic pools with giant Plesiosauruses. The dark is definitely much scarier when aquatic dinos are involved as you can't see them, but they can definitely see you. Having this element in the park adds for more chaos as well as add on to gruesome effects.


Dino Diners!!!!

At this point, you can kind of guess where we are going with this, but we assure you, this is probably the most logical feature for a dino park sim. In a park with dinosaurs, wthere should be a unique cuisine that complements the park, and we believe that dino meat is the way to go. Players building Dino Diners should be able to choose the kind of dino meat they are serving which will affect the mood of their attendees.

Well, we have reached the end of our ideas and we believe that with these add-ons, Jurassic World Evolution could live up to it's hype. but as we have yet to see actual gameplay, we can only hope that it does not dissapoint. 

Nicolas See Tho
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