What We Know About The New PlayStation 5: Rumours on Specs, Release Date, Games and Price

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 10, 2018

While we are still enjoying our PS4 and PS4 Pro console, rumours of Sony’s next console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), never fizzle out.

Rumour has it that major development studios have been receiving PS5 development kits for their upcoming video games such as CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, which they cited as “ready to interface with future generations”, and Ninja Theory’s “next-generation melee action” based on its recent job postings.

This is based on a new report by SemiAccurate who previously predicted the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X upgrades, as well as the Nintendo Switch specs accurately.

As the rumoured PS5 development kits have been passed around, this means there are leaks on PS5’s technical specifications that suggests the new PS5 may be more powerful than Xbox One X.

Rumours also revealed that the PS5 has a built-in VR capabilities, with a GPU based on AMD’s Navi technology and an eight-core customised Zen CPU, which is operating at 50TFLOPs+ half precision and 30TFLOPs single precision with between 16 and 128GB of “Nexgen Memory” RAM, according to a source.

Technological jargons aside, what are the chances of PS5 hitting the shelves anytime soon?

According to an industry analyst Michael Pachter, the PS5 is very unlikely to reach the shelves this year.

The go-to man for video games trends in the coming years stated that the possibility of a release date this year has “very low prospect” but that the PS5 release is likely to happen in 2020. Although Pachter dished out that the chances of PS5 coming to 2019 is also possible, he told Wccftech: “25% [probability] in 2019 and 75% in 2020”

The reasoning behind of the low chances for PS5’s release window this year is because there are still a lot of big bucks generating through the PS4 sales. Then, the PS4 Pro becomes the natural transition for PS4 in the next coming years which will foster a handsome yield for Sony.

Pachter noted on the The 1099 podcast that the PS5 could be Sony’s real 4K device and they are not going to launch this beast until “sales momentum for the PS4 slows” which he doesn’t see it slowing down in 2018.

“If it slows in 2019, they're probably launching in 2020,” he added.

With the release of PS5, what video games that players can anticipate?

If you take a look the upcoming PlayStation exclusives, you must be thinking about the little game that Hideo Kojima is working on called Death Stranding and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us sequel, The Last of Us Part II.

However, both of these games are still deep under development bubble as there are no gameplay videos, only trailers and teasers were announced. (By the way, I still don’t understand what the hell is happening in this Death Stranding trailer and also this The Last of Us Part II trailer).

Moreover, Bend Studio’s action-adventure open world survival game, Days Gone, was delayed to 2019 which fuels the speculation over delivering the finished game on PS4 or PS5, but there’s no legitimate news to confirm whether Days Gone is coming on PS5.

Other than that, the Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima revealed on last year’s Paris Games Week could be realistically lined up for PS5’s launch as the game is pretty much like a ghost now with only CG trailer on the side.

All things are considered but, how much all of it boils down in terms of price tag? (Ka-ching!)

Wedbush Securities analyst Pachter predicted last year that the price of next gen consoles are not going to be higher than $500 (RM1,931) and will be less expensive than Xbox One X.

The price tag for Xbox One X in Malaysia is priced at RM2,199 as listed on Lazada. Since the recent market report stated Xbox One X outselling PS4 Pro in the US, there is a possibility we wouldn’t get to see the pricing goes down.

It goes without saying that the PlayStation 5 is definitely coming soon, but I need to remind the readers that this is just pure speculation based on the current video games business trends. As long as you don’t fall for fake PS5 announcement news until it’s totally verified by Sony, you should be fine.

So, what do you guys think about the upcoming PlayStation 5? Is it going to be a game-changer like Sony did on PS4 or will it otherwise? Share your view with us on our Facebook page and our Twitter.

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