What To Look Out For In Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

By Michelle J. Brohier on May 10, 2019

Capcom had just hosted its Monster Hunter: World Spring Developer Update broadcast, where they revealed some pretty exciting expansions coming to Monster Hunter: World. Specifically, they revealed more of the Iceborne expansion which introduces its new flagship monster Velkhana and many more to look out for.

The trailer for Iceborne had a really awesome  teaser for older fans; towards the end you can hear a certain roar at the end of the trailer. Yup, the one and only Tigrex is back!

More of what's revealed is available on Capcom's official blog, which includes:

New Story

The story of Iceborne starts after the conclusion of the events tied to the end of World with the Elder Crossing phenomena, as the Research Commission begins to notice very unusual Legiana behavior in the New World. This new mystery is the catalyst for a whole new story chapter that leads us to a brand new locale, and the discovery that the legendary Velkhana is way more than just a myth…

New Environment

Chasing this mystery leads us to a remote part of the New World, a land of extreme conditions where the cold is so intense you’ll need to outfit yourself with specific gear and items to keep warm during your hunts. Enter the Hoarfrost Reach.

Despite being such a harsh environment, it is actually full of energy and life. From small endemic life like Rime Beetles, to fierce new monsters like the predatory Beotodus and the brutish Banbaro, you’ll have plenty to explore, discover and hunt! Here's a fun fact about the environment: Iceborne is set to offer the largest region in World so far.

Expanded Gameplay

As new threats make their debut, and returning fan favorite monsters—like the sleek Nargacuga—pop up in the New World, the Research Commission has workshopped a hefty upgrade to your Slinger so you can keep up with these new challenges. This new and improved version of the Slinger will be available to all Iceborne players (even if you’re still going through the World story) and adds a couple of key features:

  • The Slinger can now be used while your weapon is drawn! This will open up a variety of opportunities for dealing with monsters, setting up new powerful combo attacks, getting out of harm’s way, etc.
  • Clutch Claw: a versatile tool that lets you grapple onto monsters at a moment’s notice. From there you’ll also be able to unleash devastating attacks or even directly guide the monster momentarily.

You can watch all of this in action (and more!) in our special Spring Update, hosted by producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and directors Kaname Fujioka, Yuya Tokuda and Daisuke Ichihara.

How to start playing Iceborne

If you already have Monster Hunter: World on console, you must complete the main story through Hunter Rank 16 in order to access the Iceborne story and quests. More information on the PC version will come at a later date.

To those who do not have Monster Hunter: World, a physical version for both the PS4 and Xbox One that contains both World and the Iceborne expansion will be available and pre-order links will be available soon enough!

There will be a deluxe version that's available only in North America which will depict an epic clash between the new main monster Velkhana, and the big bad of World, Nergigante. This limited edition contains World, the Iceborne expansion and the Iceborne Deluxe Kit, which contains a bundle of cosmetic DLC items.

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