What to expect from Super Robot Wars V as a newcomer to the series

By Kin Boon on Mar 3, 2017

Super Robot Wars V was recently released in Asia with English subtitles, making it the first mainline release with a localised translation. This is such a huge deal since the mainline SRW games are traditionally exclusive for Japan due to the licensing issues for having different mech animes in the game, which Bandai Namco managed to overcome by releasing it in Asia. It has been a long wait for hardcore fans of the series, as we have to rely on translation patches or intensive guides to complete past titles, unless you know how to read Kanji.

The option of playing SRW V in English will no doubt generate some new interest from gamers, especially those who have a thing for cool looking mechs. Things might seem overwhelming if you have no prior introduction to the games, but don’t worry as we’ve compiled a list to ease your entry to one of the longest tactical JRPG series. Here’s what you can expect from Super Robot Wars V as a newcomer:

1) Robots, robots, and more robots

They wouldn’t call it Super Robot Wars if you don’t have a whole bunch of mechs under your command right? The main attraction of SRW is the inclusion of different mech animes in the game, with at least 10 of them in each release. Super Robot Wars V features 18 different series, with some of the most recognisable mech animes such as Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Evangelion, and Gundam. Such a massive crossover is the ultimate wet dream for mecha fans, yet it won’t be overwhelming for newcomers either. You just need to marvel at each of the different mechs in-game, and it won’t be long till you are able to differentiate the difference between normal robots and super robots, while assembling an OP team to plough through your enemies.

2) In-depth gameplay

Just like any other tactical JRPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea, SRW features in-depth gameplay with tonnes of options or pathways that you can use to bolster your party. Most of the features were identical across all of the games in the series, but developer B.B. Studio is not shy of adding new changes in modern entries, just like what they did for Super Robot Wars V. Whether you prefer tanky robots or agile mechs that can get the job done without worrying about getting hit, the options are limitless as you’ll have access to various ways to progress through the game.

3) Secrets, secrets everywhere

When you have a large roster featuring 319837291873128 of characters, or mechs in this case, it’s inevitable for the game to include unlockable robots, or more commonly known as secret units in SRW. All you need to do is to fulfil a list of requirements before getting the desired unit, with some of them requiring players to complete a few playthroughs to get an exceptionally OP robot. You might question the rationale behind the effort to obtain them, but trust me, the sense of satisfaction when you see an overpowered robot tearing through your enemies is immense. Since Super Robot Wars V is still fresh off the oven, there isn’t a complete guide for players to refer to if they intend to get all of the secret units. If you prefer to hunt them blindly, be prepared to allocate at least tens of hours into the game.

4) Translations that only the translators can understand

Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers was released last year with English subtitles. It wasn’t such a game changer back then as compared to Super Robot Wars V, since it’s easy for Bandai Namco to release it in English (OG series comprised of only original mechs, hence the lack of licensing issues). It’s still an exciting time for SRW fans, until they realised how bad the translations were done. Even though you can understand them better than Google Translate sentences, it can still be a pain to comprehend what the characters are trying to say. Luckily, SRW V is easily comprehensible, with some grammatical and spelling errors here and there. But of course, there’ll be some “serious” in-game moments that is supposed to engage the players, until you burst out laughing due to the mistranslated dialogues.

5) Convoluted storylines

Unless you are acquainted with some of the mecha animes featured in Super Robot Wars V, you’ll have a hard time understanding what’s going on most of the time. The translations are not helping either, so you just have to wing it when the characters are fervently discussing wars, parallel worlds, hyperspace jump and so on. With that said, the drama and tension are clearly displayed whenever you encounter a plot twist, which can prompt players to research more about a particular mecha anime. You might even discover a hidden gem or two to fill in your TV schedule.

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