What To Expect From Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

By Dale Bashir on Jan 18, 2019

A surprise announcement came today in the form of a new fighting game based on the Power Rangers. Titled Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, the game is developed by NWay, the developers behind the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game. The game will also be published by Hasbro, who only recently bought over the license of the franchise.


The game seems to draw heavily from the Legacy War mobile game, with the models looking to be high-res versions from the mobile game. The 3v3 style of battling seems to be in place as well, with the trailer showing the original Red and Green Rangers battling it out and the Red Ranger being able to summon the Yellow Megaforce Ranger to disrupt the Green Ranger’s combo.

Speaking of combos, this game might just bring more traditional fighting game controls, since the trailer shows more elaborate moves than its mobile counterpart. The mobile game had players choose from 3 moves at a time, sort-off like a faster-paced rock-paper-scissors game.


Based on the title, Battle For The Grid, we can surmise that the game will have something to do with the Morphing Grid, the mystical force that allows all Power Rangers to morph and gain their powers. The story might be based on the phenomenal Boom Studios Power Rangers comic book, Shattered Grid, which had Rangers from all across timelines banding together to defeat an evil version of the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, who set his eyes on conquering the Morphing Grid.

The Legacy War mobile game has a few of the comic-exclusive characters making their playable debut. So it’s safe to say that Battle For The Grid will focus on this massive crossover between Power Rangers to save the source of their power.


The reveal trailer shows off three playable Power Rangers, Tommy Oliver, the original Green Ranger; Jason Scott, the original Red Ranger; and Gia Moran, the Yellow Ranger of the more recent Super Megaforce season. So far, these 3 are fan-favourite Rangers, but we can definitely expect more heroes and villains to be making their way to the game.

There are over 60 characters in the game, represented by heroes and villains from all 25 seasons of the show. There were even Street Fighter characters that showed up for the crossover.

Overall, Power Rangers hadn’t had a fighting game for consoles since the Super Nintendo days and we can’t wait to find out more about this game. It’ll be released digitally sometime in April for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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