What To Do With All Those Gems in Final Fantasy Awakening

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 23, 2017

Last week, we had taken some time to play Final Fantasy Awakening, and you can read our review/opinions on the game here, but today, we are going to talk about the monstrous amounts of gems they give you and what you can do with it as well as how to maximise your teams efficiency with the gems.

Get the premiums, to get more power
Get the premiums, to get more power

For those of you who are logging in daily, you should have at least 5,000 gems by now if you have not been spending it, and we would suggest that it is best to spend now. Firstly, the real currency of the game is gems, not gold, because gems can help you unlock premium characters as well as level up skill books which is crucial for party progress. The first thing you should spend gems on is probably the premium characters gachapon engine. Every 10 rolls will cost you [2700] gems, but they help increase your chances at a legendary character which will increase your total attack power tremendously, while also being one of the best ways to clear story missions fast. 

Once you have filled your roster with a full team of legendary characters, you should then spend some gems on skill books which allows you to level your characters to your current level. This process should cost no less than 50 gems per character. Higher levels mean higher skill level, higher skill levels mean more attack points. Generally, Final Fantasy Awakening is all about pushing your total party power to the highest possible, thus leaving out any room for skill. 

Always look for items which you can buy in large quantities per gem purchase
Always look for items which you can buy in large quantities per gem purchase

So you already have a full roster of legends, and they are specced to the max, what should you do now? It's sad to say that the spending never really end, as you can rank up your characters by buying more shards in the Hero Shard shop, and usually, you can purchase these shards via crystals or gems, with the gem purchase allowing you to gain more shards per purchase. You can also buy selected level up skill books in the general store which will vary on the quantity.

There are some purchasing pitfalls to watch out for, such as buying equipment with gems, as equipment are generally easy to get and high ranking equipment are crafted rather than bought, so save your gems instead for gear refining stones if you are lazy to grind for those stones. Gear refining stones help imbue your equipment with better stats and ultimately increase party power which is good. You should also refrain from purchasing more chances at dungeons as the dungeons are not helping you gain any party power thus just be patient to wait for the daily chances. 

So I hope that with this guide on where to spend your gems, you can enjoy your game of Final Fantasy Awakening better, as well as progress through the game better. 

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