Ways to spend your time now that the International 7 has come and gone

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 15, 2017

It's a never ending cycle. This is my 4th year catching up with The International, with my early days beginning during the Orange TI 3 run, ah, those were the days.

It’s always difficult to overcome that empty feeling, especially when the biggest gaming tournament you love comes to an end, which marks the end of a season. So, we at Gamehubs have decided to help to tackle your problems - at least until the next major or any upcoming tournaments pop by.

So bored, gonna take a nap for a while - iceiceice
So bored, gonna take a nap for a while - iceiceice

Play DotA 2

Assuming you have not played for weeks, perhaps it’s time to dive in and try out new builds,  play styles or achieve some personal goals. There is always something to do in DotA, especially with the compendium leftovers before the deadline hits. Let’s assume you don’t like playing ranked matches or normal matches but you like to follow the scene and spectating matches a lot….

Watch Highlights - lot’s of highlights

The daily drill for an avid DotA spectator would be to check on their favorite pro players constantly. If he/she is an avid follower of Midone or Miracle, the usual Internet consumption behavior should be.

No idea how Midone ended up there. Youtube tagging ftw!
No idea how Midone ended up there. Youtube tagging ftw!


So here are the fan proven methods for fueling your highlights lust:

  1. Youtube with Today’s Filter
  2. Dota2tvpro.com


Assuming highlights are no longer a viable option, we can always fall back to….


The Key Personality Approach

Reading and following DotA 2 personalities and community leaders like Wykrhm or Cyborgmatt brings closure to your understanding of the industry.

SirActionSlacks is one of the few iconic Dota 2 Personalities that actually devoted himself in entertaining the audience with his content like Loregasm, TI: DownLow, e-Sports stories and much more


If all else fails, there is always….

Roster Shuffle Period

Just 4 days after TI7, Secret announced the departure of both the Position 1 and Position 3 players. Roster changes are inevitable in every tournament and it also fuels drama and speculation around the scene. It will keep any fan preoccupied while bringing hype a totally new meta/scene.

There is no two ways around it as you will eventually bump into Reddit/dota2 but these are heavily not recommended as your legit-go-to-news source. However, if you have time to spare and keep yourself busy until the next tournament, r/Dota2 it is. It provides all the information you need but as always, take that information with a grain of salt.


Tried all the points above? If it’s still not working, there is one final way - go outside and feel the sun ray hitting your cheeks. Call your long lost friend that you have abandoned for weeks.

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