VR fishing game Monster of the Deep is coming to Final Fantasy XV, and netizens are deeply not impressed

By Kin Boon on Jun 13, 2017

When Square Enix outlined their plans in updating Final Fantasy XV with content expansions and DLC, most fans expected fun additions to extend the playing time beyond the main storyline. The updates turned out to be a bunch of mediocre costumes and unappealing add-ons, and it’s fair to say that such content is overstaying their welcome. With that said, this doesn’t deter the developers as a new VR fishing game for FF XV was announced, and naturally, netizens weren’t impressed by it.

Simply titled Monster of the Deep, it allows players to “enjoy” fishing from a first-person perspective, and the experience can be enhanced with the use of an echolocation device to find your next catch. The reveal trailer also teased the possibility of spending some bonding time with your party members over a campfire. There might be a sense of excitement if this feature is added to any other JRPG, but the fans of FF XV are having none of it as they lambasted Square Enix’s decision in making an “unwanted” update.

Being a fan of the series myself, I empathized with their anger and disappointment in learning about the update, as Square Enix could have allocated their resources for more relevant add-ons. I’m sure there are some that will enjoy fishing in VR, but this won’t motivate me to get back into FF XV anytime soon. Monster of the Deep will launch exclusively on PlayStation VR in September 2017.

Source: Euro Gamer

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