Vespa just offered King's Raid players tons of useful goodies after maintenance for Guild Raid has ended

By Kurtis Chan on Oct 2, 2017

Vespa just conducted a 3-hour urgent maintenance for King's Raid and Raiders were awarded 300 rubies as compensation, as well as other items that can help accelerate their heroes' growth, courtesy of Guild Raid abusers.

Guild Raid Abuser Ban process & Compensation

Vespa has carried out the guild abusing data for each server on players who have been abusing the advantage of "Claimed Guild Raid Rewards> Move to another Guild> Claimed Guild Raid Rewards” more than 3 times within a week. Guild Raid abusers are now banned as following: Total number of abusing Guild Raid x 1 week.

As this is seen to be unfair for other players, Vespa has decided to send out a lucrative compensation as below:

  • 2000 Rubies
  • Stone of Infinity x2
  • All Essence Types x30
  • EXP and Gold Booster x5
  • Loot Booster x1
  • Stamina Potion x30

Limits on Changing Guilds

Vespa clearly had to do something about Guild Raid after the incident, so now there will be new limits on changing guilds as players will not be able to access guild content for 1 week (168 hours) after quitting or been kicked out of the guild.

  • Cannot access Guild Shop
  • Cannot enter Guild Raid
  • Cannot claim Guild Raid rewards

Players who quitted or been kicked from a guild will not be able to access any guild content even after creating a new guild or being appointed as the guild master for the remaining time. However, you can still benefit from the guild buffs.

To claim all the gifts, just update the game and login, then click on the mail icon and claim all your gifts that. Happy raiding!

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