Vaaluu is the used games trading service that all gamers need, and it’s expanding to South East Asia soon

By Kin Boon on May 25, 2017

Gaming can be quite an expensive hobby nowadays, and despite a study showing Malaysia has the 3rd highest spending power in South East Asia, buying new games can still put a dent in our wallets. Although you can trade your collections to ease the financial burden in fulfilling our gaming needs, it can be troublesome to do so, considering retailers might undercut the value of your pre-owned games, and it can be a risk to look for buyers online. With that in mind, a Thai company has recently launched a used games trading service, which might effectively eliminate all the dilemmas that we have.

Simply called as Vaaluu, the used games trading platform provides its services via a website and mobile application, and it’s currently serving the needs of consumers in Thailand. However, they are soon planning to expand the scope of their business in South East Asia, namely Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Vaaluu employs simple mechanics on their website and app to create high accessibilities for users to utilize the trading platform without any difficulties. All you have to do is to create an account, log in, and choose the game that you would like to trade-in. You’ll either receive credits for future uses, or you can get a brand new or pre-owned title of your own choosing, as shown in the image instructions below. 

Delivery options might seem standard with such services, which will require you to send your game(s) to Vaaluu’s office before they make sure it is working well and deliver your order(s) via Vaaluu Mail, but you can opt for Vaaluu Trade-In instead. This option will afford users a high sense of convenience as they’ll send a delivery personnel to your home or office, which allows you to physically do the trade with the option of cash on delivery. While it may cost slightly higher than Vaaluu Mail, you can save plenty of time, and you can also rest easy knowing that you’ll spend hours playing your new games instead of waiting for the normal delivery.

As much as we are excited in trying out this potentially wallet-saving service, it is only available in Thailand for now. But as previously mentioned, they are planning to expand to other countries in South East Asia as well, so it shouldn’t be long until Vaaluu reaches our shores. Stay tuned for more info!

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