Updates From Monster Hunter World @ Gamescom 2017

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 23, 2017

Gamecom 2017 just dropped some of the best bombshells this year, and we were hyped as we were watching the latest Monster Hunter World previews which had 3 new trailers highlighting new monsters, gameplay and many other features. Let’s get right to it.

Trailer 1: The Return of Barroth and Diablos +  Gunlance/Bowgun Gameplay

Our first trailer has Ryozo Tsujimoto and Kaname Fujioka explaining some of the new features we would be expecting from the new Monster Hunter World premiere. The player starts off with a Gun Lance exploring a new map called Wildspire Wastes, which sees the desert biome making a comeback. And this time their prey of choice is the iconic Barroth. We are treated to the many new environmental features that are available within this biome. As the player spars with the new Barroth, they are able to position under the Diablos lair, another iconic monster from the franchise, causing a massive ground crater either trapping the Barroth or forcing the Barroth to engage the Diablos.

Additionally, we also get to see additional environmental traps in the valleys as you can get wild palicos to trap the Barroth for you when it is mounted and stunned. This adds to a whole new level of play as you get more chance to pile up the damage on the monster, while casually highlighting a new mantle called the Glide mantle, which allows players to double jump in the air to position for a mount attack.. As the monster limps away, the player fast travels back to camp, changing into a ranged build.

As the player continues to hunt for the Barroth, a new monster is seen called a Jyuratodus which looks like a giant river fish we would normally be 3 times smaller in size at our local chinese seafood joints. Bowgun gameplay shows the new attack arc of the cluster shots which now aims the shots in an upwards curve instead of straight, allowing for the explosive shells to hit on an even spread. The Barroth is then later finished of with 2 Wyvern shots to the face and a cluster shot for dessert.


Trailer 2: The Dual Blade Hype is Real

This trailer has little commentary and it is basically the same instance as the first, but the main difference here is that the demo player is playing the Dual Blade, which changes the experience all together. During the player’s encounter with the Barroth, we get to see the new movelist from the Dual Blade and it’s new demon form, and we can see from the trailer that it is breathtaking, Fluidity and speed is an understatement, as the player slides, slashes, dodges and does a cartwheel slash at the Barroth.

We also forgot to mention from the first trailer that you can use tailriders not only for fast travel but also manual travel, which gives a whole new way to move around the map with your new grappling hook. Additionally, we also get to see the Switch Blade in action albeit with no new tricks up his/her sleeve. The Switch Blade once again does have a technical learning curve as we see the player getting caught off guard by the Barroth, but through this scenario, we get to see how much of an improvement it is to finally have no Gusto animation after healing up.

Trailer 3: Stop…..Hammer Time

This time, we get to see gameplay from the first map which was revealed earlier this year on E3, but this time we get a more in-depth view into multiplayer gameplay as well as more game time with the new Hammer movesets. From the trailer, the jumping roll attack is able to mount the monster. Once again, as any Hammer users will lament, we see the Hammer user is still prone to loose attacks. But aside from what was already shown in E3, we get to experience some of the beautiful landscapes as well as new graphics overhaul for the armours and environment. You are able to see the gleam of the weapons, each scale of the Aptonoth, and even the water textures. This definitely proves that it is the Monster Hunter we deserve.


That’s it for now guys, stay tuned as we definitely have more Gamescom 2017 coverages coming up this week. So until next time, enjoy the trailers above.

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