Unity's Book of the Dead high-end visual is absolutely captivating

By Kurtis Chan on Jan 20, 2018

From the creators of "Adam", Unity's award-winning Demo Team recently released the trailer for their new title, Book of the Dead, a first-person interactive demo that took elements from game and film. The trailer that was released is representative of the actual gameplay experience.

Players are allowed to move around and explore the awesome environments in Book of the Dead. The camera is set to be a continuous first-person angle and the transition between scenes feels like a cinematic cut according to the creators themselves.

Book of the Dead gives the vibe of playing with VR. The game camera is designed to have a cinematic handheld feel, with inertia and weight. The emotional state of the protagonist is reflected by the height, speed, and shakiness of the camera as the player continues to control the character while the story progresses.

Photogrammetry-scanned-real-world objects and textures are used as the natural environment assets in the demo. Most of them are obtained from Quixel Megascans, a publicly available library of high quality scanned asset which is used often in numerous game productions and film visual effects. Demo Team also created their original photogrammetry assets by utilizing the Delighting Tool developed by Unity Labs.

Book of the Dead is built on the brand new High-Definition Render Pipeline template which will be available in Unity 2018. The demo also displayed the capabilities of Unity 2018's Scriptable  Render Pipeline which provides developers more control with enhanced customizability of Unity's rendering architecture.

Head on over to Book of the Dead official webpage for more information.

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