Twitch will start selling games soon with Twitch Games Commerce

By Melvyn Tan on Feb 28, 2017

Image source: PCGamesN
Image source: PCGamesN

Twitch, the popular streaming platform and service, will soon let gamers buy games through it with the launch of Twitch Games Commerce.

According to the announcement video, there will be two ways of purchasing games. The first and more straightforward way is through a game's detail page. The other is buying a game via the channel page, where the option will be present directly under the stream of the person playing the game. When purchases are made this way, the streamer will receive a 5% share from the game's sale as well, allowing them to earn money while allowing fans to support them.

Buying a game or an in-game item for $5 or more will grant you a Twitch crate, which contains rewards like special emotes and chat badges.

According to PCGamesN, some purchases will be launched through Twitch launcher while others come in the form of keys for, say, Uplay. 

The selected launch partners for Twitch Games Commerce are Bit Studios, Blue Mammoth Games, Campo Santo, Devolver Digital, Digital Extremes, Double Fine, Fred Wood, Gambitious, Hi-Rez Studios, Ink Stories, Jackbox Games, Paradox, Proletariat, Raw Fury, Telltale Games, Tiny Build, Trion Worlds, Ubisoft, Versus Evil and Vlambeer. Twitch is also offering sign-ups for interested developers to join them later this year.

Riot Games, Valve and Blizzard are noticeably absent from the launch partner list, despite them having games which are highly viewed on Twitch.

"Many of our streamers want to make a living doing what they love," said Twitch vice president of commerce, Matt McCloskey. "To help them, we're enabling game developers to sell game content at the exact time and place their communities are gathered to watch, which in turn lets streamers earn money from games sold on their channels. To ensure everyone benefits, we're also rewarding fans that take part in the program with Twitch Crates."

There's no specific release date, but expect this new aspect of Twitch to arrive in Spring.

Thanks, PCGamesN and PC Gamer.

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