Twitch Desktop App is now fully released and here are the things that it offers

By Kurtis Chan on Aug 11, 2017

Twitch introduced to its users the Twitch Desktop App back in March 2017 and the application is now finally in full release. All your favorite communities, friends, and games, all in one place, the Twitch Desktop works better than the website itself as it has additional features that can only be found in the application with the help of Curse.

Everything Twitch

All the streams, chat, VOD and clips you love, available from the convenience of the ridiculously powerful app. This works exactly the same as the website

Support the Stream

Show your support to your favorite streamers by subscribing or Cheering with Bits.

Voice & Video Calls

Voice calls with perfect sound whether you are with a friend or an entire raid group. Send a link and start a call with anyone! Or you can hang out face-to-face with your friends, subs, or teammates. Video let you chat up to five people in HD. This is new for all comms applications out there as Discord and TeamSpeak does not have this function. Discord just started testing their own video call function today when Twitch Desktop App is released. Coincidence maybe?


A virtual home for your community to watch, play, and chat together even when the stream is offline. This is a new feature that is absent from the Twitch website, but it is not new in the market. Other comms applications like TeamSpeak and Discord offer the same service. So its up to your personal preference on which one to use while playing you favorite games with your friends.


Friend sync easily imports all your friends so you can spend less time herding cats and more time watching, chatting, and playing together! 

Add-ons and Overlays

Find, install, and manage thousands of add-ons for your favorite games directly in the app. You can also enable in-game overlays to manage your calls without alt-tabbing.

We have tested out the Twitch Desktop App here at Gamehubs, everything except the video call works amazingly well, voice chat has minimal delay as compared to Discord, and you can watch your favorite streamers in action while you're in a call. The only problem we had was with the video call, it is buggy at times where we will be kicked out of the call after it is answered. The only solution right now is to completely close the app and reboot it again. Overall, the Twitch Desktop App is a very convenient application to have in your PC if you are not using it for video calls. Download and try it out now at

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