Toukiden 2 Chinese Edition announced by Koei Tecmo, English version coming Early 2017.

By David Tan on Oct 21, 2016

On October 19th, Koei Tecmo announced the Chinese Edition of their oni-slaying, action role-playing game, Toukiden 2 in a press conference held in Taiwan. According to Koei Tecmo America earlier this year, the English version will be release early 2017.

The Chinese Edition is the first localization after the first release of the game in Japan, July 28th. Chinese fans will be able to enjoy the game in full Chinese starting from yesterday, October 20th.

Toukiden 2 sets place 2 years after the event from the previous entry, “Toukiden Kiwami”. The player as the protagonist of the game is to fight the “Awakening”, defending humanity's last remaining villages from the supernatural threat of Oni.

It was a rather entertaining press release. Other than the announcement, local violists performed a few pieces of the music in the game throughout the press release. In the middle of the event, it showcased a Toukiden 2 OVA with full chinese subtitles too. Check it out here. There was also an award ceremony of a local Mitama design competition. In the game, Mitama are souls that provide supplementary skills and abilities to player’s Slayer in the game. The submissions of the competition were stunning, so if you’re into art, check it out from the 1 hour long press conference below. (Award Ceremony at 45:02 mark.)

Both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version of Toukiden 2 Chinese Edition are available now on the PlayStation Store. As for the English audiences, hold your oni-slaying urge and anticipate the English version coming early next year.

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