Top 5 Games That You Can Chill To

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 7, 2017

We gamers have a deep library of games we can play, and often times we are so overwhelmed that we get burned out. In times like these, once in awhile, we need to find games that let us kick back and relax thus, today we have some games that do exactly that.

1.Euro Truck Simulator

Actually, this also includes all the other truck sims within its genre such as Spintires and American Truck Simulator, it does pretty much the same thing. These games provide you with amazing landscapes from different continents, realistic yet relaxing drives. Complement this with your smoothest Spotify list and you are in for a chill ride as you take a break from your usual gaming routines.


2.Farming Simulator

If driving is not your thing, perhaps this realistic Farming Simulator could provide a better release. Challenge your skills as a farmer as you prepare wide potential landscapes into your productive pastures filled with realistic crops and challenges. If you ever wanted to feel the relaxing experience of a country bumpkin, this is the game for you.

3.Cities: Skylines

So the countryside is not for you? That’s cool, how about a relaxing city game then. Dubbed the game that Sim City 4 was supposed to be, Cities: Skylines is a city management game that lets you become mayor of a budding town which grows into a metropolis. For additional immersion, add in all the mods and DLC’s that the game has to offer and become mesmerized by neon lights, intricate architecture and just the relaxing sight of a perfectly made city.

4.Stardew Valley

For RPG fans who find the above too far out for their tastes, you can always quench your RPG soul with Stardew Valley which mixes the best of both worlds. Reminiscing the nostalgic past of Harvest Moon while keeping some combat elements when you are mining. This game has everything you need for a fun relaxing adventure in a distant magical town.

5.Ori and the Blind Forest

Need an atmospheric platformer to ease you back into your gaming routine? Then look no further than Ori and The Blind Forest. This is a tale about an orphan which is destined to be a hero within a forest called Nibel. Players will go through one of the most visually mesmerizing and relaxing games yet on the platformer genre. For those who enjoy playing for the story, this game is a good pick.


So there you have it guys, these are some of the most chill games we have for you thus far. We hope that you pick one of these up and give it a try if you feel you need to take things down a notch.

Nicolas See Tho
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