Top 4 Tokyo Hotspots For Traveling Gamers

By Dale Bashir on Aug 22, 2017

With Japan being the epicenter for all things geek, Tokyo being the heart of Japan positions itself as the haven for gamers. The virtual representations of Tokyo like in the Persona or Yakuza series provides a nice sneak peek into what Tokyo really is, but nothing comes close to the real thing. With our Super TGS contest going on, where a lucky few get to win a trip to Tokyo, here's a list of the best places a gamer could go if they were to find themselves in Japan:

1.Pokemon Centers

Just like the ones in Saffron City or Pallet Town, the city of Tokyo has a number of Pokemon centers around for every avid Pokemon can get their fix on plushies, Pokeballs and all manner of Pokemon related goodies. Nurse Joy might not be there to take care of your Pokemon, but you can still have yourself a great time by getting a Blaziken action figure. Better yet, you could whip out Pokemon Go and join a nearby raid or get lucky and catch the region exclusive Farfetch'd. Truly a grand old time, the Pokemon center is located in Tokyo Bay and Mega Tokyo.

2. VR Park Tokyo

Located in the heart of Shibuya, the VR Park Tokyo is the latest in the line of virtual reality parks around the world this one in Tokyo being exceptionally special with their own exclusive attractions like Dragon Ball VR and Mario Kart VR. Your usual HTC Vive fare of games aren't around here, so don't expect a room with a mounted TV and the Vive set. Instead, the rooms here are more specialized, with some of them having practical effects thrown in the mix, like fans in the room blowing strong winds as you fly around in virtual space. They even offer a couple of multiplayer VR games for groups of people to enjoy. This attraction is fairly new, so be sure to try it out when you get the chance. 

3. Akihabara

The Legendary Electric Town of Akihabara, the birthplace of modern otakus. If Harajuku is the haven for fashionistas everywhere then Akihabara is the paradise for gamers and geeks alike. The best place for a collect-a-thon, Mandarake in the middle of Akihabara is chock-full of anime and gaming memorabilia, from Astro Boy to Zeta Gundam. Along the way, one can also stop by either the Taito Game Center or Club Sega for a few rounds of Daytona, Tekken or even Pachinko. If one gets thirsty, there a multitude of maid cafes, Gundam cafes and all sorts of other themed cafes for your pleasure. 

4. Super Potato

This mystical game store is in fact located in Akihabara as well and is so special that it deserves its own entry. Many have said that it is not only a store but a museum as well, a living, breathing time capsule of the history of games stretching all the way back from its humble roots as a game called Pong. Whether you just wanna peruse Super Potato's display of Famicom games or are looking to buy yourself a one-of-a-kind Sega Saturn, this store has it all. Though it has since gotten two branches outside of Tokyo, the original in Akihabara is undeniably the best for game enthusiasts looking to look into the medium's past and maybe buy themselves a relic or two.

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