Top 10 Horror Game Characters To Fear This Halloween

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 25, 2017

Halloween is looming nearby, and everything spooky and ghastly will be coming out from the shadows once again to fill up the streets and more importantly, sweeping away the dust from old horror games that make you think twice about playing in the dark alone. Thus, today, we bring you some of the most scariest adversaries that you can find within the multitudes of horror games out there.



If you have not met this guy yet, then you are missing out on one of the genuine scares that SCP-Containment Breach offers. This game was a fan made horror survival game based out of a fan fiction site called SCP, which houses a whole bunch of horrors and weird phenomena. This particular monster, SCP 173 is scary because in order to run away you have to stare at him, the moment you break your line of sight he disappears, and most of the time, it ends up with you getting killed by him. Just looking at him gives us the creeps, a mix between a gingerbread man with the face of a voodoo doll.



Amnesia was one of those games that truly redefined the meaning of horror. Besides being trapped in a mansion whereby sanity is your health bar, you also have to avoid lurking creatures called Gatherers that look like a demi-Cthulhu monster. It’s not enough that you should evade any encounters with the Gatherers, but meeting one will cause your vision to go blurry making it harder to actually escape. Thankfully, they do not move fast which is a small relieve from an instant death.

Lisa- P.T Silent Hills

Silent Hills is not by any means a newcomer to the horror genre and its playable teaser from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro proved how amazing their partnership is with the ultra scary Lisa, which players have no means of fighting against. At the end of the teaser, you can only exorcise her, but not before she torments you throughout the game.


Woman In The Box-Fatal Frame 2

So the whole Fatal Frame franchise is full of scares, but the Woman In the box is a special because of how she crawls out of the box ala Sadako style, and the background music does little to help that continuous buildup of fear. Her attacks are also frighteningly deceptive and she is hard to kill, which kinda reinforces the whole don’t mess with spirit boss vibe.

The Witch- Left 4 Dead

Back in the days of yore, when LAN parties still meant you see your friends playing next to you, Left 4 Dead was one of those party games that was intense, engaging and interactive. And if you were a beginner back in the days, you would feel the dread after you encounter one of the sneakiest zombies out there as well as the scariest, and that is the Witch. She lures players in with the cries of a little girl but the moment you shine a light on her, that is when all hell breaks loose.


Slenderman- Slender

This is one of those games which had you solving mysteries while on the run, but the catch is this time the antagonist doesn’t chase you rather, it watches you from afar. However, the more you look at him, the more damage you take to your sanity. The fear factor here is how you are in a forest with only a flashlight and the battery is limited. The moment you are left in the dark, death looms nearby.


Nemesis-Resident Evil 3

While Resident Evil does have its share of scary moments, none compare to when the player meets the dreaded Nemesis. The Nemesis is not your average zombie , rather think of the Terminator meets Predator and you can kinda guess the fear that goes with it. Nemesis can only be killed with multiple shots to the head, which is harder to do when you are too busy running away from the hordes of zombies chasing you.


Alma- F.E.A.R

If you have played F.E.A.R, then you would have shivered at the sight of the innocently sweet Alma after you find out how scary she can be as she creeps up to you throughout the whole game, attempting to kill you with a mix of psychic abilities and hallucinations. Who knew that little girls can cause these much nightmares.


Necromorphs-Dead Space

They say no one can hear you scream in space, and that notion is made true when you face up against the necromorphs, which are like the iconic Alien creatures but with more variation, and higher intensity. These necromorphs were difficult to kill in the traditional sense as shooting the head is less effective than strategic dismemberment which requires the players to slowly disable the necromorphs one limb at a time.



Manhunt is what happens when you mix Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre together, and the main antagonist Piggsy is literally the dark embodiment of your character. It is bad enough that the game uses high amounts of gore and violence to get the plot moving, Piggsy becomes infinitely scarier as you hear him revving the chainsaw approaching ever so close to you.


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