Top 10 Games You Can Laugh To

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 11, 2017

Gaming can often lead to hilarious moments and some games are full of it, today we are going to present to you ten of the funniest games yet, with some coming from the past while some are relatively new but lurking in the shadows of Steam. 

GTA 5 with Mods


GTA 5 by its lonesome is an amazingly polished game with massive content and a rather cool storyline, but what GTA game would be fun without the wacky mods and cheats that makes the community all the more hilarious. Mods in GTA 5 can be considered to be an art, and with the world editor in place, there can be no limits to what one can do, such as perhaps shoot a car out of their handgun, flying pigs that poop grenades, or just creating nonsensical pop culture references within the game. There truly is no limit to the wackiness one can create.


Garry’s Mod



Garry’s Mod is another game that has plenty of hilarious mods that will tickle your funny bone, in fact the whole game is based on mods hence the name. Players are able to create absolutely anything. As seen above, even a dancing King Kong can be part of your multiplayer servers. You can also create weird weapons like guns that say bang everytime you shoot, create iron man suits and much more.


Goat Simulator

Have you ever wondered what being a goat would feel like? Well, with Goat Simulator, you can now take that notion and add explosions with demons to that, as this simulator places you in the hooves of a goat while you lick your way to mayhem, climb your way to become a demon goat, and just cause wanton destruction at the cost of the puny humans. Who says you can’t simulate them all.

Don’t Starve



On any other day, Don’t Starve could be considered a rather dark and dreary game, but if one plays the game long enough, you might find that there is quite a bunch of dark humour hidden within the game. Take the darkness that kills you for instance, did you know it has a name (It’s Charlie by the way). Often times, the quotes your character blurt out are usually unique for each character. These quotes are usually different for each object,

Saint’s Row


One of the best fun one can have is with Saint’s Row. By being literally one of the most powerful figures in the universe, you can do pretty much everything to poor civilians. The game has a large number of wacky weapons you can use to eliminate opposing forces, ranging from low end smack to the face, to high energy gravity beams which will implode anything on impact. You can even suck ppl up to alien ships while blowing the ship up with alien tech. Yup, this is just one of the few things you can do.

Great eSports Manager

Imagine a world where North Korea is dominating in e-sports, a world where you must go against the Supreme Leader in order to be the greatest eSports Manager.

Other than managing and nurturing your players to be the best, almost everything in this game is hilarious - especially the cutscenes and the in-game references and of course, subtle stereotypical jokes related to gaming culture...

ELO Hell. Get it? Get it?


It’s certainly worth a buy for the humor it presents complimented by getting to take over the world. It is now available on Steam here



Deadpool is on this list because well it’s Deadpool, how can it not be funny. There is blood, budget constraints, PR crisis and world ending issues to prevent...

Just when you thought you finished the game
Just when you thought you finished the game

If you like immature and toilet jokes, Deadpool is the game for you. Deadpool is filled with pop culture references and easter eggs from all over the Marvel Universe. Hey, you get to slap Wolverine and not to mention, your Number 1 fan.


Trust me when I say, this is exactly what it looks like...
Trust me when I say, this is exactly what it looks like...

Take note that Deadpool is an action hack-and-slash adventure game. You can get the game here.


South Park: Stick of Truth

Do we really need to explain what South Park really is? Join four young 4th grade boys into a whimsical adventure about saving the world. And the best part, you are the main character of the game and a...Dragonborn.

This is just a small preview into what the game offers
This is just a small preview into what the game offers

Yes, it’s a game that requires you to dodge testicles and sometimes probe anal related conquests. Yes, this is not a game for the feeble minded.


The Secret Of Monkey Island

Nothing beats a point and click adventure game that involves pirates with witty lines. You play as Guybrush Threepwood, an unorthodox pirate who prefers to use his wits rather than brawn. Secret of Monkey Island comedic masterpiece.

Brutal Legend

This is a story about Eddie, a roadie that can build anything and do anything that gets the job done. His skills are however getting less valuable and deem outdated by most the “tween” generation.


Brutal Legend portrays the comedic hard rock genius of Jack Black in its full entirety. Most of the comedy comes from wacky dialogue to random encounters with different rock icons and legends.

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