Tomb Raider Trailer Drops Tomorrow

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 19, 2017

Tomb Raider is a series that never dies, as what is better than an empowering, beautiful and intelligent female figure roaming the world in search of lost artifacts while taking down baddies. This time, for fans of the 2013 reboot, the latest Tomb Raider live action movie will be taking cues from the 2013 game, and tomorrow the first world trailer for Tomb Raider. For now, we can be content with a Tomb Raider teaser which gives us a sneak peek at what to expect.

This time around, Alicia Vikander will be taking over the reigns as Lara Croft and if the story is true to the game, they will most likely be shipwrecked on the island of Yamatai, whereby they will be trying to stop a cult from carrying out their evil agenda. As we know it, this version will have survivalist vibes as well as a grittier pace compared to what we have seen in the last Tomb Raider movies.

So stay tuned tomorrow, as we await the impending new trailers.  



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