This Year's International Mobile Gaming Awards SEA Showed Us Some of The Region's Finest Games

By Dale Bashir on Oct 16, 2017

The South East-Asian International Mobile Gaming Awards was held in Singapore this year for its second year of awarding games from around South East Asia carious awards to highlight recently released and upcoming mobile games coming out of the region and recognizing the achievements and accomplishments of the developers based here.

The IMGA's juries had to choose from 65 titles from across the region and from these 65 nominees they had to pick the best to win the 13 awards given during the ceremony. The winners are:

Excellence in Art: OPUS: Rocket of Whispers by SIGONO Inc. from Taiwan

A post-apocalyptic game with stunning visuals, OPUS really showcases that a good art style can greatly enhance a game's story and setting.

Excellence in Visual Art and Design: Cat Quest by The Gentlebros from Singapore

A fun little Zelda-like RPG starring a cute cat is definitely a must-have for your phones, PC or consoles.

Best Multiplayer Game: TORIKO: Puzzle PVP by Happy Labs from Singapore

This puzzle game by Happy Labs adds a PVP twist to the usual match 3 gameplay, perfect for those with a competitive streak.

Best Quickplay Game: Desert Island Fishing by Springloaded Ltd. from Singapore

This arcade fishing game is more than meets the eye, with tons of items to collect and even bonus minigames within.

Guilty Pleasure: Flippy Bottle Extreme! by Most Played Games from the Philippines

A game more akin to Flappy Bird, this absurdly tough game of flipping plastic water bottles is much more endearing than we'd like to admit.

Best Meaningful Play: 陽春白雪(Lyrica) by 阿諾瓦工作室(RNOVA Studio) from Taiwan

A beautiful rhythm game that combines traditional Chinese art and poetry with modern video game sensibilities, a match made in heaven.

Excellence in Storytelling: Simulacra by Kaigan Games from Malaysia

The follow-up to last year's Jury's Honourable Mention award, Sarah Is Missing, comes another mobile phone horror game by Kaigan Games.

Excellence in Gameplay: Alien Path by Appxplore Sdn Bhd from Malaysia

A game we covered before, we're glad to see developers Appxplore gain some recognition for their work.

Best Technical Achievement: DEAD TARGET VR: Zombie Intensified by VNG Game Studios from Vietnam

A zombie killing simulator built from the ground up with mobile VR in mind.

Best Upcoming Game: Kings Play by Mintsphere from Indonesia

An upcoming puzzle/chess hybrid by Mintsphere that has been described as an accurate medieval political simulator.


People's Choice Award: Valiant Force by XII Braves from Singapore

A rich strategy RPG that seems to be heavily inspired by Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. 

Jury's Honorable Mention: Mayari by Ingenuity Games from the Philippines

A fantastical adventure with intertwining destinies and a goddess, all drawing inspiration from South East Asian folktales and culture.

Grand Prix: Postknight by Kurechii from Malaysia

The ultimate winner of the night, Postknight by Kurechii took home the gold with its charming visuals and bite-sized RPG gameplay. You play a Postknight, a kind of delivery man that couriers items and packages throughout the fantasy kingdom of Kurestal. Along the way, players will level-up, gain allies and travel far out into the world, all while having this grand-scale adventure on their mobile phones. Be sure to check this one out on your Android and IOS devices.

Congratulations to the winners and for cultivating the making of mobile games in South East Asia, we sure can't wait for next year's IMGA to wow us again with all the great games coming out of the region.



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